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"Has the shocking truth about Henry Wilt been inflated?"
  • R
  • 1989
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 6.1  (1,153)

Set in London, 'Wilt' is a 1989 comedic film directed by Michael Tuchner and based on the book of the same name by Tom Sharpe. The movie stars Griff Rhys Jones as Henry Wilt, a high school teacher who has become disillusioned with his job, his marriage and his life in general. Henry is married to the overbearing and prideful Eva (Alison Steadman), who constantly nags and belittles him. He is also frustrated with his job, where he is unable to connect with his students and is belittled by colleagues. As a result, he turns to daydreaming and fantasies of a better life.

One evening, after being humiliated by his boss in front of his colleagues, Henry goes to a strip club with his friend and colleague Dave (Mel Smith). There, they witness a murder and Henry becomes the prime suspect. Throughout the movie, Henry tries to clear his name and prove his innocence, while being pursued by two bumbling police officers.

As Henry's life begins to unravel, he begins to take risks and speak out against the people who have been oppressing him. Along the way, he meets a diverse cast of characters, including a free-spirited artist and a group of radical activists, who help him on his journey.

Griff Rhys Jones delivers a standout performance as Henry Wilt, perfectly capturing the character's frustration, anger and desperation. Alison Steadman is equally impressive as the shrill and domineering Eva, who is unrelenting in her criticisms of Henry. Mel Smith provides comic relief as Henry's friend and colleague Dave, who is always eager to help but never quite manages to do so.

The plot of 'Wilt' is filled with hilarious misunderstandings, mistaken identities and slapstick comedy, reminiscent of classic British farces. As the movie progresses, the pace quickens, and the stakes become higher, leading to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion.

Although 'Wilt' is primarily a comedy, it also touches on themes of class, gender and power dynamics. Henry's struggles with his job and his wife reflect the frustrations of many working-class people in Britain during the 80s. Meanwhile, the film's depiction of police incompetence and brutality is still relevant today.

Overall, 'Wilt' is an entertaining and well-crafted film that showcases the talents of its cast and director. It is a must-watch for fans of British comedies and anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

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    6.1  (1,153)