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"The Film of the Play by Sylvia Rayman That Makes 'No Room at the Inn' Look Like a Bedtime Story!"
  • NR
  • 1952
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 6.5  (199)

Women of Twilight from 1952 is a British drama film directed by Gordon Parry. The movie revolves around four women who live in a hostel, specifically for ex-convicts and homeless women. These women have different personalities and backgrounds but come together to support each other through their difficult lives. One of the main characters is Jenny (Rene Ray), a glamorous nightclub singer and ex-convict who tries to start a new life with the help of her supportive friends. She often clashes with her roommate, Vi (Freda Jackson), who is bitter and untrusting after years of being mistreated by men. Their differences become evident when Jenny starts a relationship with Johnny (Robert Ayres), an aspiring musician with a dark past. Vi is convinced that he is trouble and tries to warn Jenny, but Jenny is determined to give him a chance.

Another resident in the hostel is Liz (Lois Maxwell), a young woman who is pregnant and homeless. She initially struggles to fit in with the other residents and feels uncomfortable with the strict rules of the hostel. However, as she gets to know the other women, she begins to open up about her past and finds comfort in their support.

The film portrays the hardships faced by these women and the struggles they encounter as they try to rebuild their lives. It tackles themes such as poverty, abuse, and addiction in a compassionate and realistic manner. The film also raises the question of whether society's treatment of these women as outcasts ultimately leads to their downfall or whether they are capable of turning their lives around with the right support.

The performances in the movie are outstanding, with Freda Jackson delivering a powerful and emotive portrayal of Vi. Her character's bitterness and desperation are palpable, and she is able to fully capture the trauma that has led her to her current situation. Rene Ray is excellent as the determined and confident Jenny, who is not afraid to take risks to escape her past. Lois Maxwell is also notable in her role as Liz, portraying a vulnerable and scared young woman who finds solace in her newfound community.

The film's direction is also notable, with Gordon Parry using a combination of close-ups and wider shots to capture the emotions of the characters. The setting of the hostel is portrayed in a realistic and gritty manner, with the bleakness of their living conditions and the rundown neighbourhood serving as a stark contrast to the glamourous nightclub scenes.

Overall, Women of Twilight is a powerful and moving film that highlights the struggles faced by vulnerable women in post-war Britain. The film's themes of poverty, abuse, and addiction remain relevant today, and its message of hope and solidarity is as important now as it was back then.

Women of Twilight
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