You and Your Stupid Mate

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You and Your Stupid Mate is an Australian whimsical farce comedy that was written by Dave O'Neil and Mark O'Toole. Directed by Marc Gracie, the film features Nathan Phillips, Angus Sampson, Rachel Hunter and Madeleine West. Phillip (played by Nathan Phillips) and Geoffrey (played by Angus Sampson) are a couple of Aussie guys living comfortably in a suburban trailer park. The guys indulge themselves in many varied activities. The greatest recreational pleasure in their lives appears to come from watching a soap opera parody of Home and Away, called Sons and Surf. The have a neighbor named Emma (played by Madeline West).

In fact, they are so dedicated to the show that their entire lives seem to be taken up by operating the Sons and Surf web site. The two underachievers regularly break into a sweat as soon as they arise and begin their work for the day.

The guys are horrified, however, when an over anxious case manager from Centrelink forces them into joining a work scheme. The new freeway construction has been scheduled for demolishing in the trailer park. As a result, the Sons and Surf website will be destroyed by year's end, with Emma being killed off for the finale.

Phillip and Jeffrey are not intelligent or resourceful enough to prepare a counter-attack. However, they bumble along, stumbling into causing an interference with all three of these potentially life crushing issues.

The guys get recruited for all sort of jobs from caring for elders to painting and getting road kill off of the highway. Each activity produces a ridiculous failure.

The react absurdly causing even more disruption. For example, they guys manage to put an old man on a kerosene path only to light up a cigarette. However, none of their actions are motivated by ill will or greed. They're just incompetent. Along they way, the guys learn to be happy with who they are, making the best of whatever comes.

| 2004 | 1 hr 25 min | 4.7/10
Owen Luby, Stephen O'Connor, Nathan Phillips, Angus Sampson
Marc Gracie
You and Your Stupid Mate
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Also directed by Marc Gracie