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Cable channel Disney XD and network Maker Studios are looking for young YouTube talent who may get a shot at developing their own TV pilots - the latest bit of corporate synergy the Mouse House is trying to create since buying the MCN. They're collaborating on Disney XD by Maker, an initiative to find and develop video concepts for distribution on YouTube, as well as potentially DisneyXD.com and the Watch Disney XD app. The "best of the best" might even be developed as original television series pilots for Disney XD.

Disney XD by Maker will use the Maker Offers platform to provide funding for video concepts with budgets up to $1,000 each. Maker has already lined up members of its talent roster - including CaptainSparklez, forrestfire101, ZexyZek, 101DarkMonkey, EvanTube, Luzu and Lana, and Random Encounters - to create original content specifically for this program.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 31, 2016
Disney XD by Maker

Disney XD by Maker Full Episode Guide

  • Travel with Nathan and his family on a lengthy road trip!

  • Two new detectives solve mysteries in Boston.

  • A kid is the new owner of a pair of smart pants.

  • Even hopes to save the world one problem at a time.

  • A skeleton apocalypse arrives in California!

  • Mayden and Natalia accidentally make zombies.

  • ZexyZek faces detention, infomercials, and dating.

  • Rex and Dannon are elite paranormal investigators…and they’re cats!

  • HBomb94 takes on ParkerGames in three manly challenges.

  • Owen Riley battles vlogging villain, FluffyCatz23.

  • Jack discovers that he can be great at everything.

  • The Holderness Family's hard-hitting perspective on Pee Wee sports!

  • Markiplier, along with his cohorts, trek through Monster Gulch.

  • Vinny demonstrates the side effects of growing up viral.

  • Fly a drone and take a ride in a flight simulator.

  • CaptainSparklez competes against pro skater Chris Chann.