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  • TV-Y7
  • 2002
  • 1 Season
  • 6.2  (142)

Fighting Foodons is a Japanese anime series that premiered in Japan in 2001 and later dubbed in English for international release. The show follows the adventures of a young boy named Chase, who must compete in battles using living food creatures known as "Foodons."

Chase is a young and aspiring chef who lives in the world of "Chowdown," a world where cooking battles are the most popular form of entertainment. In this world, food isn't just something you eat—it's a way of life. In Chowdown, chefs use their culinary skills to create Foodons, which are living food creatures created from recipes that come to life. These Foodons are then pitted against each other in battles, like gladiators in ancient Rome.

Chase's journey begins when he accidentally creates a Foodon that has never been seen before—a combination of a pizza and a dinosaur. This new creature, which he dubs "Jack," becomes his loyal companion on his journey to become the best chef in Chowdown. Along the way, Chase and Jack meet other characters who also possess Foodons, and they must fight against other chefs and their Foodons in order to advance in the culinary world.

The show is filled with exciting battles, humor, and a cast of lovable characters that make it a fun and engaging watch. The battles are fast-paced and action-packed, and the animation is colorful and eye-catching. The show also boasts an impressive voice cast, with Tara Sands and Amy Palant providing the voices for Chase and Jack, respectively.

What sets Fighting Foodons apart from other anime series is its unique concept of living food creatures. The idea of Foodons is creative and playful, adding an element of fantasy and adventure that makes the show stand out. The show also incorporates themes of friendship, teamwork, and perseverance, which are all important messages for young viewers.

Overall, Fighting Foodons is a delightful and entertaining show that is perfect for fans of action, adventure, and food. It's a show that will make you laugh, cheer, and maybe even crave some pizza or sushi! Despite its short run, Fighting Foodons has gained a cult following and continues to be enjoyed by fans of all ages.

Fighting Foodons is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on December 12, 2002.

Fighting Foodons
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Chase In Space
25. Chase In Space
December 12, 2000
Chase and the gang go on an interplanetary odyssey.
A Whole Lot at Steak
24. A Whole Lot at Steak
December 12, 2000
The gang uncovers a nefarious plot coming from the royal castle.
You Go Grill! Part 2
23. You Go Grill! Part 2
December 12, 2000
Butcherbot is wrecking havoc. Can Chase bring the creation down?
You Go Grill!
22. You Go Grill!
December 12, 2000
Grill puts the finishing touches on his powerful robot.
Hot 'n Spy-Cy
21. Hot 'n Spy-Cy
December 12, 2000
Gil is on a revenge mission.
To Catch a Beef
20. To Catch a Beef
December 12, 2002
King Gorge wants all of the Meatballs captured, at any cost.
License to Grill
19. License to Grill
December 12, 2002
Chase makes a life-changing decision.
Assault and Pepper
18. Assault and Pepper
December 12, 2002
Chase needs to go the extra mile to defeat Rose Marinade.
Use Your Noodle!
17. Use Your Noodle!
December 12, 2002
The Glutton henchmen welcome two new members.
Attack of the Burger Brigade
16. Attack of the Burger Brigade
December 12, 2002
The Gluttons have seized Gladburger.
Swine Dining
15. Swine Dining
December 12, 2002
Chase's team faces off against the Pork Platoon.
The Comeback Squid
14. The Comeback Squid
December 12, 2002
Chase must face down the tandem of a powerful squid and a mighty octopus.
Slaw and Order
13. Slaw and Order
December 12, 2002
King Gorge has a new recruit out to find Chase.
Cinnamonkey's Secret
12. Cinnamonkey's Secret
December 12, 2002
The Gluttons attack a kingdom, led by Cinnamonkey.
El Taco Grande
11. El Taco Grande
December 12, 2002
The crew is on the hunt for a top secret salsa recipe.
Boot Camp Buffet
10. Boot Camp Buffet
December 12, 2002
A secret academy teaches Chase the art of combat cooking.
Hot Pepper Pursuit
9. Hot Pepper Pursuit
December 12, 2002
Meet the Peppers, a gang of elite secret agents.
Battling Banana Island
8. Battling Banana Island
December 12, 2002
What is Chase doing on a mysterious tropical island?
You Wanna Pizza Me
7. You Wanna Pizza Me
December 12, 2002
A master chef's crush on a princess turns sour.
Avast Ye Gluttons
6. Avast Ye Gluttons
December 12, 2002
Can the gang escape a remote prison in the South Seas?
We Have a Winner
5. We Have a Winner
December 12, 2002
Can Chase build a Foodon from scratch?
Ship of Fools
4. Ship of Fools
December 12, 2002
Pie Tin and Mussels square off.
Mushroom With a View
3. Mushroom With a View
December 12, 2002
Will the heroes find a magic mushroom? To do so, they search Fungi Forest.
Pie Tin Power
2. Pie Tin Power
December 12, 2002
Pie Tin is on the hunt for the Gluttons.
Rice to Meet You
1. Rice to Meet You
December 12, 2002
Rebel chefs are trapped by Gorgeous Gorge.
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Fighting Foodons is available for streaming on the AsianCrush website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fighting Foodons on demand at The Roku Channel Free and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    December 12, 2002
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (142)