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  • 2007
  • 1 Season

Global Food is a documentary series produced by Curiosity Stream that takes viewers on a culinary journey around the world to explore the diverse ways in which food is grown, harvested, prepared, and consumed. Spanning across six episodes, the series provides a unique perspective on the global food industry, highlighting the challenges and innovations in producing and distributing food to an ever-increasing population.

The first episode, titled "Farming the Future," delves into the concept of sustainable agriculture and how it can be achieved in the face of daunting challenges like soil degradation and climate change. We get to visit farms from different corners of the world, including one in the deserts of Jordan where innovative techniques like hydroponics and vertical farming are being utilized to grow crops in harsh conditions. Through interviews with farmers, experts, and scientists, the episode explores the ways in which modern farming practices have evolved to meet changing demands and environmental concerns.

The second episode, titled "Feeding the World," tackles the question of how we can meet the nutritional needs of a population that's projected to hit the 9 billion mark by 2050. The episode features interviews with food experts, policymakers, and entrepreneurs who are taking innovative approaches to address this challenge, such as developing plant-based meat substitutes and creating vertical farms in urban areas. We also get to meet small-scale farmers, like those in rural Kenya, who play an important role in ensuring local food security.

In "Culture on a Plate," the third episode, we get to explore the intimate connection between food and cultural identity. From the spices and flavors of Indian cuisine to the simplicity and elegance of Japanese dishes, the episode presents a fascinating look at how food can reflect the traditions, values, and history of a place and its people. Through interviews with chefs, food writers, and everyday cooks, we get to see how these cultural connections are being reinforced and reimagined in today's global food landscape.

The fourth episode, "Revolutionary Eats," showcases the role of technology and innovation in transforming the food industry. From 3D printed food to insect-based protein snacks, we get to see some of the latest and most outlandish developments in food tech. Through interviews with entrepreneurs and scientists, we get to understand the motivations behind these cutting-edge products, as well as the challenges they face in gaining mainstream acceptance.

In "Tasting the Future," the fifth episode, we get a glimpse of some of the experimental and unconventional ways in which food is being produced and consumed. From edible insects to lab-grown meat, the episode explores some of the more controversial and contentious issues in the food industry. We also get to see how different consumer preferences and cultural contexts are shaping the development of these new food products.

Finally, in "Changing Communities," the last episode, we get to see how food can be a powerful force for social change. The episode features stories of individuals and organizations that are using food as a tool for community development, such as a restaurant in Chicago that hires formerly incarcerated people and a food recovery program in Brazil that redistributes surplus food to those in need. Through these inspiring examples, the episode shows how food can be a source of empowerment, healing, and connection.

Overall, Global Food is a thought-provoking and informative series that provides a window into the complex and dynamic world of food. Through its engaging storytelling and diverse perspectives, the series offers a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the global food industry. Whether you're a food lover, a sustainability advocate, or simply curious about the world around you, Global Food is a must-watch series that will leave you hungry for more.

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Pizza Nostra
6. Pizza Nostra
January 1, 2007
The pizza is the antithesis of culture clash, a symbol of positive globalization and a link between past and present, East and West. It's simple food, eaten straight from the serving plate, and is the base for any sauce at all. And yet, the pizza has become humanity's most universal dish.
5. Gelato
January 1, 2007
We all know about ice cream and its links with Italy. Because gelati conjure up as much a picture of Italy as do pizzas and pasta. But how did ice cream come to be? Where are the best ice creams in the world made today?
Pasta Mania
4. Pasta Mania
January 1, 2007
Everything you've always wanted to know about pasta and would never have imagined. From prehistoric spaghetti fossils to the first Japanese instant noodles, from the artisans in Gragnano to the ultra-wealthy heirs of Barilla, to Tokyo's 3,000 Italian restaurants.
Which Sandwich is Which?
3. Which Sandwich is Which?
January 1, 2007
The Earl of Sandwich's 18th-century invention is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Since then, variations on the sandwich theme have piled up all over the world. Tramezzini in Italy, Hot Dogs in New York, le jambon-beurre in Parisian bars, the worldwide hamburger and the Ham Bao Bao in Beijing.
Once Upon a French Fry
2. Once Upon a French Fry
January 1, 2007
French fries - that marvel of human culinary genius! Why the Incas didn't invent French fries? How they can be made to sing? Why the Belgians have dedicated a museum to them? Why they have been served at the White House for the last 200 years?
The Sushi Empire
1. The Sushi Empire
January 1, 2007
How a simple ball of rice topped with a piece of raw fish has conquered the planet in just thirty years. On the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice, in Sao Paulo's Japantown or in the chic and not-so-chic districts of Los Angeles, London and Paris, people make light work of this first fast-food.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2007