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In this entertainment series, participants agree to get tattoos that are designed for them by friends and family. The catch is that the tattoos are kept secret from the recipient until they are set in ink. The show is hosted by Snooki and Nico Tortorella. How Far Is Tattoo Far? is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 2018.

Where do I stream How Far Is Tattoo Far? online? How Far Is Tattoo Far? is available for streaming on MTV (US), both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch How Far Is Tattoo Far? on demand at Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on MTV (US)
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
October 11, 2018
Game Show
Cast: Nicole Polizzi, Nico Tortorella, Courtney Raimondi
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How Far Is Tattoo Far? Full Episode Guide

  • Too Stupid To Die castmates, Zach Holmes and Chad Tepper bring their pranks to a whole new level. The ultimate betrayal between besties is revealed for the first time on stage and tests the boundaries of their relationship.

  • Teen Mom's Cheyenne comes to the studio to out her baby daddy; a fed-up fiancé fails to see the double meaning behind the tattoo he's inked on his future wife.

  • Bitter exes throw down their baggage in an all-out ink war, and a couple airs its dirty laundry when a girlfriend tries to lock down her man, who counters with an ultimatum.

  • Lifelong friends put everything on the line when a mama's boy tries to exit the friend zone with a surprise, and two backstabbing best friends clash over who is the HBIC.

  • A do-or-die ultimatum between brothers threatens to end more than just their relationship. A risqué question between two lovers puts the path to their happily-ever-after in question.

  • Two besties use tattoos to call out each other's sexual appetites, and friends who like to prank each other finally do permanent damage with a pair of humiliating tats.

  • An unfaithful man tries to win his ex-fiancee back, and a man reveals a secret to get even with his bully of an older brother.

  • A woman pressures her boyfriend to get engaged, but he wants to curb her nosy tendencies first, and a bro code breach is punished with ink.

  • Bi-sexual BFF's put everything on the line, but do they really want what they are asking for? The cat's out of the bag when this young couple reveals their biggest pet peeves.

  • Childhood buddies go balls-to-the-wall with their tattoos for each other, leaving one to cover his freshly tatted body part forever. What was meant to be a funny tattoo, results in a surprising reaction that leaves everyone in the studio speechless.

  • MTV Challenge vet, Tony comes to our studio with a life changing question for his fiance. Girl code is thrown out the window and a reminder of a best friend's painful betrayal from the past is revealed.

  • A fed-up wife gives her husband a final ultimatum to leave his manchild ways behind with a revealing tattoo. A baby mama in a turbulent relationship permanently inks a clear question about her man's commitment.

  • Insecurities about one's body are put on blast, leaving a bromance in the balance; sisters reach a turning point in their relationship when a long-standing grudge is finally confronted with permanent ink.

  • MTV's "The Challenge" vet Kailah exposes her boyfriend's big insecurity with a tattoo on a very unexpected body part; a best friend's surprising secret leaves everyone in the studio in tears.

  • A husband's plan to live out his ultimate sexual fantasy and bring out his wife's freaky side backfires in a HUGE way.Best friends risk putting their friendship on ice with a tattoo to die for – possibly breaking them apart for good.

  • Lifelong friends brand each other with massive tattoos that will ruin their sex lives. And heels come off when best frenemies expose embarrassing personal stories from the past with their tattoos.

  • Floribama Shore castmates, Codi and Kirk one up each other with some extremely puke worthy tattoos. Two sisters are deadly serious about the messages they've put on each other's bodies in permanent ink.

  • Relationships are put to the test of trust by asking pairs of friends, family members and couples to design tattoos for each other that won't be revealed until after they've been permanently inked.

  • On This episode we look back at the top 10 most cringe worthy tattoos from Season 1of How Far is Tattoo Far.

  • A bromance is pushed to the limit when somebody makes an ass out of his best friend. Sisters take aim at each other and end up wearing their worst mistakes on their sleeves.

  • Crazed cousins try to settle a feud with permanent ink, and end up doing permanent damage. Lovebirds dare to test the boundaries of their relationship, but it could draw a final line in the sand.

  • Things get hot when lovebirds Cara Maria and Paulie ("The Challenge") risk their new relationship. Best frenemies make throwing shade an art form when they use ink to bust each other's balls.

  • Best friends continue their lifelong prank war when ridiculous tattoos cross the line. A couple on the edge takes out their frustrations in ink.

  • Floribama besties Nilsa and Aimee turn up for some sobering tattoos that test their friendship. Southern sisters reach a turning point when a shocking secret comes out.

  • Drag queens from Chicago go balls out and test their sisterhood with a couple of kinky tattoos. BFFs go tattoo far when their secrets are revealed in ink.

  • A mama's boy a learns harsh relationship lesson when his girlfriend confronts him with ink. All hell breaks loose when somebody reveals a devilish secret about her brother's baby mama.

  • A Jersey girls' friendship is put to the test when an unspoken secret becomes a mouthful. Drunken roommates teach each other a lesson with tattoos that walk the line between rude and too real.