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  • TV-PG
  • 2016
  • 1 Season
  • 0.0  (11)

Juan Happy Love Story is a romantic comedy series aired by GMA Network. The show follows the story of Juan (Dennis Trillo) and Camille (Heart Evangelista), two individuals whose paths cross after Juan comes to Manila to claim his inheritance. Juan is a laid-back, carefree guy who is happy-go-lucky and always seems to find himself in trouble. Meanwhile, Camille is a successful career woman who is serious and hardworking in her job. Despite their contrasting personalities, Juan and Camille quickly fall for each other and begin a whirlwind romance.

However, their love story is not without obstacles. Camille comes from a wealthy and traditional family who disapprove of her relationship with Juan. Her father, played by Bobby Andrews, is particularly wary of Juan's lack of ambition and perceived irresponsible behavior. Meanwhile, Juan also has to deal with his own past and the consequences of his previous mistakes.

Throughout the series, the two face various challenges and complications in their relationship, but they always find a way to overcome them. Along the way, they are supported by a cast of colorful characters including Juan's friend and sidekick, Chito (Joross Gamboa), and Camille's loyal friend, Liza (Roxanne Guinoo).

The show is set in the vibrant city of Manila, with various scenes taking place in iconic locations such as Rizal Park and the Manila Bay. The beautiful scenery provides a beautiful backdrop to the love story between Juan and Camille.

Aside from the romantic storyline, the show also includes comedic elements that will undoubtedly leave viewers laughing out loud. Juan's antics and comedic timing add a light-hearted touch to the series, making it an enjoyable watch.

Overall, Juan Happy Love Story is a charming and entertaining romantic comedy that will keep viewers hooked until the very end. With a talented cast, beautiful scenery, and an engaging storyline, this show is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a good love story with a lot of heart and humor.

Juan Happy Love Story is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on May 15, 2016.

Juan Happy Love Story
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Happy Ending
80. Happy Ending
September 1, 2018
Juan and Happy get a happy ending.
It's a Juanderful Life
79. It's a Juanderful Life
August 31, 2018
Juan gets paralyzed because of the accident. He drives Happy and Kat-kat away from his life.
Finding Happy
78. Finding Happy
August 30, 2016
Juan is rushed to the hospital due to an accident.
Fact Ganern
77. Fact Ganern
August 29, 2016
After breaking the news of impregnating another woman, Juan discovers the truth about Agatha's child.
Wow Bawi Wow
76. Wow Bawi Wow
August 28, 2016
Agatha confesses she is carrying Juan's child.
Sino Daddy mo
75. Sino Daddy mo
August 21, 2016
Kat-kat, Happy and Juan reunite and enjoy being a complete family again while Agatha discovers she is pregnant.
Super Juan
74. Super Juan
August 24, 2016
Juan and Happy disguise themselves as mimes in a field trip sponsored by Bob. Kat-kat gets into an accident.
Family Goals
73. Family Goals
August 23, 2016
Juan tries to make Happy smile again by bringing her to the orphanage to see Kat-kat.
Gusto ko Happy Ka
72. Gusto ko Happy Ka
August 22, 2016
Didith and the social welfare staff bring Katkat back to the orphanage.
Happy na nga ba?
71. Happy na nga ba?
August 21, 2016
Agatha gets in the way of the approval of Kat-kat's adoption papers.
Choose Happyness
70. Choose Happyness
August 18, 2016
Agatha begs Juan not to leave him but he is determined in winning Happy back.
Uso pa ba ang Harana
69. Uso pa ba ang Harana
August 17, 2016
Juan does his best to win Happy back but he faces a new challenge - Sabina.
Shower Me with Roses
68. Shower Me with Roses
August 16, 2016
Juan finally confesses his true feelings.
Babe pa-kiss, pa-hug
67. Babe pa-kiss, pa-hug
August 15, 2016
Juan and Happy are in search for the key. They end up going to places that matter to them.
Posas in Love
66. Posas in Love
August 14, 2016
Juan and Happy wake up with their hands handcuffed together and the key can only be found in the most special place for them.
Babe, Asan Ka Kagabi
65. Babe, Asan Ka Kagabi
August 11, 2016
Kat-kat reveals to Mamu what she made her sad.
Hubad na Truth
64. Hubad na Truth
August 10, 2016
Juan gets saddened to see Bob, Happy and Kat-kat and Happy like one happy family.
Coffee, Tea, or Me
63. Coffee, Tea, or Me
August 9, 2016
Bob rescues Kat-kat from the gorilla. Will he get close with Happy because of this?
Zooper Happy Trip
62. Zooper Happy Trip
August 8, 2016
Agatha finds a way to stop Juan from bringing Kat-kat to the zoo.
Don't Me Juan
61. Don't Me Juan
August 7, 2016
Happy finally dumps Bob as she is not ready for a new relationship.
Happy na, Smart pa
60. Happy na, Smart pa
August 4, 2016
A stray dog poops in front of Agatha's house until she steps on it which pleases Happy.
Do Not Disturb
59. Do Not Disturb
August 3, 2016
Agatha moves in beside Happy's house.
Pasabog Bog Bog
58. Pasabog Bog Bog
August 2, 2016
In favour of Agatha, Juan tells Happy that he wants an annulment.
Na Fall ang Pa-fall
57. Na Fall ang Pa-fall
August 1, 2016
Agatha demands that Juan must file an annulment from Happy so they can get married.
Juan in the Middle
56. Juan in the Middle
July 31, 2016
After Didith's regular visit to Kat-kat, Agatha suddenly shows up and speaks with her outside Happy's house.
Kabugan ng taon
55. Kabugan ng taon
July 28, 2016
Agatha discovers Happy and Juan's arrangement on Kat-kat's adoption.
Pak na Pag-ibig
54. Pak na Pag-ibig
July 27, 2016
Agatha catches Juan lying and threatens informing DSWD about his true relationship with Happy.
Happy kay Happy
53. Happy kay Happy
July 26, 2016
Juan admits he is still in love with Happy.
May Naganap Ba
52. May Naganap Ba
July 25, 2016
Juan struggles coming to two occassions at the same time, one for Agatha's birthday and the other to Kat-kat's welcoming party.
Kabog na Kabog
51. Kabog na Kabog
July 24, 2016
Juan gets caught in between a female client and Agatha's jealousy.
Pigil na Pigil
50. Pigil na Pigil
July 21, 2016
Happy and Juan are barely keeping their hands off each other when Katkat made a very surprising request.
Affected Sa Kiss
49. Affected Sa Kiss
July 20, 2016
Didith doubts Juan and Happy's relationship. Good thing Juan shows up at their house when she visits Kat-kat.
Tabi Tayong Matulog
48. Tabi Tayong Matulog
July 19, 2018
Juan and Happy continue to hide their real situation from Didith and Kat-kat while Juan continue to give alibis to Agatha.
47. Bahay-Bahayan
July 18, 2016
Juan and Happy's adoption papers are finally approved.
Ay Madulas
46. Ay Madulas
July 17, 2016
Juan compares Agatha with his ex-wife Happy.
Tara sa Biglang Liko
45. Tara sa Biglang Liko
July 14, 2016
Due to bad weather, Juan and Happy get stranded and decided to check in a motel for a night.
Sumakabilang Bahay
44. Sumakabilang Bahay
July 13, 2016
Happy visits Juan to discuss her adoption plans but Juan has second thoughts.
Paligayahin Mo Ako Juan
43. Paligayahin Mo Ako Juan
July 12, 2016
Happy has decided to pursue adopting a child but she needs Juan's help.
Struggle Is Real
42. Struggle Is Real
July 11, 2016
Bob confessed to Happy his true feelings.
In a Relationship
41. In a Relationship
July 10, 2016
Happy and Juan reunite in the wedding of Mamu and Papi. Happy discovered Juan's new relationship with Agatha.
Throwback Resbak
40. Throwback Resbak
July 7, 2016
Juan and Happy start moving on and build lives away from each other.
It's Complicated
39. It's Complicated
July 6, 2016
Agatha takes advantage of the broken hearted Juan.
Walang iJuanan
38. Walang iJuanan
July 5, 2016
Happy and Juan is on the brink of a major decision.
Don't Throw Us Away
37. Don't Throw Us Away
July 5, 2016
Bob fuels Happy's suspicions about Agatha and she confronts her. Agatha earns a point as Juan tells Happy he needs space.
Dibdibang Laban
36. Dibdibang Laban
July 3, 2016
Agatha really never gives up and tries to seduce Juan again.
Torn si Juan
35. Torn si Juan
June 30, 2016
Happy and Juan together with the gang goes to a resort for some r&r but their weekend getaway gets interrupted.
Akin Lang Asawa Ko
34. Akin Lang Asawa Ko
June 29, 2016
Happy visits the orphanage to forget about her problems but Juan makes a move to ask for forgiveness.
Asawa Exit
33. Asawa Exit
June 28, 2016
After catching Agatha and Juan in the act, Happy decides to move out and live with her parents.
Temptation of Juan
32. Temptation of Juan
June 27, 2016
Happy follows Juan to Tagaytay for a surprise but she gets surprised instead. She found Juan in bed with a woman.
Hot na Hot
31. Hot na Hot
June 26, 2016
Juan and Happy's LQ (love quarrel) continues and Bob instructs Agatha to work more on seducing Juan.
Bitin na Bitin Sayo
30. Bitin na Bitin Sayo
June 23, 2016
Happy prioritizes the adoption process taking up so much of her time, depriving Juan of bedroom intimacy. Agatha invites Juan out and tries flirting with him again. Juan struggles resisting the temptation.
Kulang sa Dilig
29. Kulang sa Dilig
June 22, 2016
Happy gives up having a child of their own so he convinces Juan to consider adoption. Juan gets into trouble with his friends and spends a night in prison.
Isa Pang Round
28. Isa Pang Round
June 21, 2016
Tension rises between Happy and Joy, her older sister. Agatha ups her game by getting close with Juan.
Magkaka-Baby ako
27. Magkaka-Baby ako
June 20, 2016
Tension between Juan and Happy's in-laws escalate over dinner. Juan and Happy attend a dance ritual for fertility rites.
We Are Not Bagay
26. We Are Not Bagay
June 19, 2016
Happy introduces Kat-kat to Juan. The couple spend the day in the orphange but was interrupted by the news from their OB-Gyne.
25. Babymaking
June 16, 2016
Juan and Happy try all the advice given to them by family and friends as to how they can have a baby.
Gimme a Baby
24. Gimme a Baby
June 15, 2016
Happy and Juan consult a doctor to ensure they are both healthy for a baby.
Bombahin mo Juan
23. Bombahin mo Juan
June 14, 2016
Agatha treats Juan to dinner for helping her change a flat tire.
Sa Pula, Sa Puti
22. Sa Pula, Sa Puti
June 13, 2016
Family and friends are invited in the housewarming celebration of Juan and Happy's new home.
Ako Happy, Siya Darling
21. Ako Happy, Siya Darling
June 12, 2016
After discovering Agatha's underwear in Juan's laptop bag, Happy continues to be more suspicious on Juan.
20. Babababra
June 9, 2016
Happy found Agatha's underwear in Juan's laptop bag.
Bumper to Bumper
19. Bumper to Bumper
June 8, 2016
Happy struggles in the kitchen to be able to cokk Juan's favorite Adobo. Meanwhile, Bob and Agatha have suspicious plans, who happen to be old friends.
Agatha Is Coming
18. Agatha Is Coming
June 7, 2016
Juan meets a possible business partner, Agatha while Happy resigned from her job to keep an eye on her husband.
Oh Triple Tukso
17. Oh Triple Tukso
June 6, 2016
Living with the in-laws made Happy think that Juan will never change just like his grandpa who is still a womanizer despite his age.
Di Puro Sarap
16. Di Puro Sarap
June 5, 2018
Happy's married life is spiced by Juan's grandparents especially Mamu.
Bagong Dilig
15. Bagong Dilig
June 2, 2016
Will the couple be able to spend a romantic night together?
Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me
14. Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me
June 1, 2016
Bob intends to make a scene and prove that Juan is a womanizer.
Wedding Oo, Wedding hindi
13. Wedding Oo, Wedding hindi
May 31, 2016
The biggest day for Juan and Happy. Will Juan be able to say 'I do'?
Change Is Coming
12. Change Is Coming
May 30, 2016
Juan asks Happy's sister to organize a meet up so he can formally propose to her.
Watch We Weep
11. Watch We Weep
May 29, 2016
Happy's family learned about Juan's misdeed while Bob started to court Happy.
Juan Wild Night
10. Juan Wild Night
May 26, 2016
Happy catches Juan making out with other girls in a bachelor party organized by Bob.
Civil War
9. Civil War
May 25, 2016
Realizing he made a terrible act, Juan cooks up nasty plans so that Happy will call off their wedding when his grandparents meet her parents in a family dinner.
My Adobo for Life
8. My Adobo for Life
May 24, 2016
When Happy decided to end the relationship with Juan because of his womanizing, he half-heartedly proposes in order to keep her.
Juan Who Got Away
7. Juan Who Got Away
May 23, 2016
Juan and Happy were caught kissing. Bob finally admits to Happy that he came back from the US for her.
6. Abangerz
May 22, 2016
Happy attends their class reunion and meets again her high school best friend Obet who is now known as Bob.
5. Seenzone
May 19, 2016
Happy confronts Juan when they accidentally meet in a club because he takes her for granted.
Hopia si Happy
4. Hopia si Happy
May 18, 2016
Happy believes that she is in a relationship with Juan, but for Juan having a girlfriend is never a priority.
Juan Is the One
3. Juan Is the One
May 17, 2016
Juan and Happy dine in a Chinese restaurant after the incident outside the church.
May Spark
2. May Spark
May 16, 2016
Juan beats the holduppers who try to snatch Happy's handbag.
1. Pilot
May 15, 2016
Happy meets Juan at their friend's wedding and they accidentally meet again at the most awkward way.
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