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  • 1980
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (68)

King Rollo is a British animated children's television series from the 1980s created by David McKee. The show features Rollo, a cheerful and lovable king, and his assorted friends as they go on adventures and solve problems in their kingdom. The main character, King Rollo, is voiced by Ray Brooks. He is a kindly and friendly king who is always ready to help his subjects in any way he can. He is also very curious and loves to explore the world around him. Rollo is always accompanied by his faithful cat, Hamlet, who adds a touch of mischief and humor to the show.

The other characters in the series are equally charming and entertaining. There is Cook, Rollo's chef, who is always trying out new recipes and getting into culinary mishaps. The Magician, who is always performing tricks and illusions, and Queen Gwen, who is Rollo's friend and confidante. There is also the mischievous jester, who is always getting into trouble and trying to play pranks on Rollo and his friends.

The stories in King Rollo are gentle and amusing, and always have a moral or lesson to be learnt. The characters encounter various obstacles and challenges, but with a bit of creativity and teamwork, they are always able to overcome them. The show encourages kindness, curiosity, and learning from your mistakes.

The animation in King Rollo is beautifully done, with vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds. The characters are all endearing and quirky, with distinct personalities that make them easy to relate to. The show has a cozy, nostalgic feel, and is a classic example of British children's television.

The music in the series is also noteworthy, with a catchy theme tune and charming background melodies that perfectly complement the fun and whimsical nature of the show. Overall, King Rollo is a delightful children's show that has stood the test of time and continues to be loved by children and adults alike.

King Rollo
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The Playroom
13. The Playroom
December 24, 1980
King Rollo is making a mess in the playroom and he learns an important lesson that you must always clear away your things once you've finished playing with them (my kids could do with taking a lesson from this episode).
The Search
12. The Search
December 17, 1980
The magician is very busy looking for a certain something. Everyone wants to help but he can't remember what he's lost! How will the King and his subjects solve this one.
The Birthday
11. The Birthday
December 10, 1980
The Cook reminds King Rollo that tomorrow is Queen Gwen's birthday. King Rollo wants to get her a very special card. What should he do about it though? Buy her the best card from the local shop. Cook does not agree that it is the best card and that he should make her one himself.
The Tree
10. The Tree
December 3, 1980
King Rollo is out in the Royal garden with all the others. Cook is knitting and having trouble with Hamlet & the wool. King Rollo ignores the warnings from all his friends at Court and decides to go tree climbing. He climbs the largest tree in the Castle garden. Oh dear, a big mistake by the King which ends with a large bump.
The Balloons
9. The Balloons
November 26, 1980
King Rollo is looking through a drawer for a pack of balloons. He asks the Magician to blow one up but the Magician is too busy. King Rollo and Hamlet persevere though.
The Dishes
8. The Dishes
November 19, 1980
The Cook is away and so King Rollo and the Magician are doing the washing up. This is a very long & boring job, perhaps a little magic could help. Perhaps they should just do the work.
King Frank
7. King Frank
November 12, 1980
King Frank is coming around for tea. King Rollo should be looking forward to it but instead is worried that Frank will boss him around. This is made even more apparent when we see King Frank as he is bigger than King Rollo. King Frank has a dog with him which makes things interesting for Hamlet the cat.
The Breakfast
6. The Breakfast
November 5, 1980
The Cook is ill and cannot make breakfast as she is laid up in bed. King Rollo realises that he will have to make his own breakfast but how will he cope without the sensible Cook to watch over him. As per usual, Hamlet is ever watchful.
The Bath
5. The Bath
October 29, 1980
The King is in need of a good bath but he is not too keen on the idea. Too much to do and so many other distractions, he has no time for a bath. The Cook takes the matter in hand and tries to get King Rollo to have the bath. Eventually the magician comes up with a spell or two to help everyone.
The Comic
4. The Comic
October 21, 1980
When King Rollo's comic arrives with the post, he ignores everything and everyone around him. He is becoming obsessed with the comic and must be taught a lesson or two.
The Dog
3. The Dog
October 14, 1980
King Rollo meets a dog and decides to keep him. All is fun and games until King Rollo learns that keeping a pet is a job that requires a lot of responsibility.
The New Shoes
2. The New Shoes
October 7, 1980
King Rollo gets some new shoes and is proudly showing them off. He soon runs into trouble though when it comes to tieing the laces. At first, the Magician helps, but he later refuses to do up the laces (off with his head).
The Bread
1. The Bread
September 30, 1980
The Magician and King Rollo encounter a farmer, who is sitting down to a lunch of just bread. King Rollo offers to get his magician to change the bread into roast chicken or cake or spaghetti or ice cream. The farmer, though, only wants to eat the bread his wife made him.
  • Premiere Date
    September 30, 1980
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (68)