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Rainbow Ruby comes to the rescue whenever a doll friend needs help! When Choco's heart starts to glow, she knows it's time for a magical journey into Rainbow Village. With the help of her enchanted suitcase, the "Rainbow Roller", Rainbow Ruby takes on helping roles with enthusiasm and confidence!

Rainbow Ruby is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Rainbow Ruby online? Rainbow Ruby is available for streaming on CJ E&M Corporation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rainbow Ruby on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

CJ E&M Corporation
1 Season, 26 Episodes
Cast: Johnny Yong Bosch, Shannon Chan-Kent, Brian Drummond, Kate Higgins
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Rainbow Ruby Full Episode Guide

  • Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to transform into an Astronaut, gets on a spaceship and goes high up into the sky. // Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a jewelry designer and tries designing jewelry with some broken pieces.

  • Rainbow Ruby uses a microscope to find a bacterium inside the cheesecake Thunderbell had but Felicia accidentally casts a spell that makes the bacterium gigantic. // Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase and transforms into a farmer. Rainbow Ruby succeeds in growing the fruit after a few attempts and names it 'Thunderfruit' after Thunderbell.

  • Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become an architect and builds a house that suits Felicia's demands. // Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a scientist and starts separating out the strawberries from the mixture of other red objects using various factors like size and weight.

  • Rainbow Ruby becomes an Astonaut to look for Mr. Moon to come and sing everyone a lullaby. // Thunderbell gets trapped in a bubble while taking bath. Rainbow Ruby turns into a scientist to save him.

  • Rainbow Ruby becomes a hat designer and creates hats for everyone that the birds can sit on. // Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a figure skater and decides to put on a fish show for Prince Frederick.

  • A Flower Festival is underway in Rainbow Village and Ling Ling has called Rainbow Ruby to help her judge the "best flower" contest. // Ling Ling tells Rainbow Ruby that Gina and Jessy are with a huge fish that's injured by the lake. Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a Marine Biologist and help the fish.

  • A welcome party for Prince Frederick is taking place in Rainbow Village. Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a party planner and plans an exciting. // The village is a total mess from the paint that spilled from up above. Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to turn into a clean-up engineer and starts cleaning with her friends.

  • Rainbow Village friends are gathered together at the lake to surf on the Rainbow wave,Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a lifeguard and helps her friends safely enjoy their surfing. // Thunderbell pet fish has gone missing. Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a detective and finds out Thunderbell's pet fish's whereabouts.

  • Rainbow Village friends are on a train and they are concerned that the train won't stop. The engine is even smoking! // Paige is extremely upset. It turns out that she's been preparing an awesome fashion show but now it had to be cancelled because Gina accidentally spilled a bunch of fruit onto the stage.

  • Thunderbell was trying on Kiki's crown, he accidentally dropped it and a gem went missing. Kiki sadly says that a princess' crown is worthless without a jewel. // Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a chef. She starts making some Rainbow dumplings using the recipe pages that they have managed to retrieve.

  • Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a babysitter and starts babysitting Jessy. Rainbow Ruby feeds Jessy water using the fire hose and gives her a bath at the lake. // Thunderbell is very sad because his best friend, Mr. Sloth, is angry at him. Rainbow Ruby thinks up the best way to apologize to Mr. Sloth, who loves performances.

  • Ellie's and Jessy's hair are a complete mess after Felicia accidentally causes some Rainbow fruit to fall on them. Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a hairdresser. // It's winter in Rainbow Village. and last night a huge ice mountain appeared so everyone is enjoying an ice sculpture festival.

  • Ling Ling tells Rainbow Ruby that Rainbow Village friends were playing around the Rainbow fountain to cool off from the heat but water suddenly stopped coming out of the fountain. // Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become an eye doctor. After running a few tests, Rainbow Ruby realizes that Kiki needs a pair of glasses.

  • Princess Kiki is under a spell that makes her sleep while floating in air! In order to break the spell Rainbow Ruby will need to play a music box. // Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to become a police officer and directs traffic.

  • Kiki wants to become a movie actress but the villagers have no idea how to direct a movie. Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to turn into a movie director. // Ling Ling rushes toward Rainbow Ruby to tell her that a busy villager mom asked him to take care of her three children but he just doesn't have time to look after them.

  • Ling Ling tells Rainbow Ruby that a Rainbow Ball Tournament is about to start soon but he is worried because the field is covered with pokey pods. // Ling Ling tells Rainbow Ruby that he lost his glasses. Then Ellie tells her she lost her needles, Gina her hat, and Thunderbell his wheels. Who could have taken away all these things?

  • It is gloomy and cold in Rainbow Village. Ling Ling is worried that the villagers are all in low spirits. // Ling Ling is worried because of the "Secret Present Swapping Party" that Thunderbell is preparing. Thunderbell was so busy preparing for the party that he forgot to send out the invitations to his friends.

  • Ling Ling is quite worried about the play planned for tonight. Ruby, Choco, and Ling Ling head to the theater. // It is a very windy in Rainbow village and Paige, a paper doll, is fluttering in the wind and is flying to wherever the wind takes her. She is so light that she is blown away by the wind.

  • Rainbow Ruby realizes that today is the day that Jessy first arrived in Rainbow Village! Jessy was upset that her friends forgot such a meaningful day to her. // Rainbow Ruby and Choco go inside the City Hall, it is chaos with all kinds of party supplies all tangled together. It turns out that Ling Ling has caught a bad cold and was sneezing all over the place.

  • Ling Ling tells Rainbow Ruby that there is a new menu at the restaurant, which is very popular. There is a long line in front of the restaurant but there weren't enough staff members to serve the villagers the food. // Rainbow Village is full of marbles. It turns out that the marbles that Rainbow Ruby spilled in her room poured down into the village from up above the sky!

  • Ling Ling is worried about Thunderbell, his scooter that broke. Rainbow Ruby uses her magic suitcase to turn into a shoe designer and tries to find a way to make Thunderbell faster. // Gina called Rainbow Ruby to Rainbow Village because today is the day to show their appreciation to Mayor Ling Ling. It took a long time for the village friends to prepare an amazing painting for the mayor.

  • Ruby is playing with her dolls in the backyard. Then, Choco's heart starts to glow. Her friends in Rainbow Village must be looking for her! // Mayor Ling Ling tells Rainbow Rugy that today is the day of Princess Kiki's ballet performance. Princess Kiki has been practicing ballet for a very long time just for this day but she sprained her ankle and fractured her china leg.