Stand Up to Cancer

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Stand Up to Cancer is an event style television program that serves as a massive fund raiser to help provide financial assistance to combat an often deadly disease. The research and technology needed to develop new therapies, medications, and treatments for cancer often requires massive amounts of cash, and this special event uses the clever wit of various stand-up comedians and other types of celebrities to entertain viewers while keeping the dream of the search for a cure alive. Clever, hilarious, and often heart touching, the program lets viewers change lives while being entertained and distracted for a short period of time.

Stand Up To Cancer
2018 Seasons, 24 Episodes
January 31, 2013
Cast: Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Morgan Andrich, Jennifer Aniston
Stand Up to Cancer

Stand Up to Cancer Full Episode Guide

  • An annual, televised charity event to raise money for cancer research.

  • Watch some of the performances from the live event that helped raise funds to accelerate innovative cancer research.