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  • 1997
  • 3 Seasons

Tatort: Cologne is an intense German crime drama series that takes place in the city of Cologne. It follows two detectives, Max Ballauf and Freddy Schenk, as they work to solve a variety of different crimes. The show is known for its gritty and realistic portrayal of police work, and for its complex and engaging stories. Each episode is a standalone story, but the show also explores the personal lives of the two detectives and how their experiences on the job affect them.

Max Ballauf is a seasoned detective who has been with the force for many years. He is a strong-willed and determined detective who is dedicated to solving each and every case he is assigned. Freddy Schenk, his younger partner, is a bit more lighthearted but just as dedicated to the job.

Together, they take on a series of intriguing and mysterious cases, ranging from murders to kidnappings to robberies. Some of the episodes are particularly harrowing, as the detectives are forced to confront the darkest sides of human nature.

Despite the often dark subject matter, the show also has moments of humor and levity. The dynamic between Max and Freddy is a highlight of the show, as the two detectives have a deep bond that comes across on screen. Their conversations and banter provide a welcome contrast to the darkness of the crimes they are investigating.

One of the things that sets Tatort: Cologne apart from other crime dramas is its attention to detail. The show is meticulously researched, and the crimes and investigations are portrayed with a high degree of accuracy. This adds to the realism of the show, and helps to immerse the viewer in the world of the detectives.

Another thing that makes the show stand out is its focus on the city of Cologne itself. The show does an excellent job of incorporating the city into the stories, and often the location plays a significant role in the story. This adds to the unique flavor of the show, and helps to make it feel like a truly authentic portrayal of life in Cologne.

Overall, Tatort: Cologne is a gripping and engaging crime drama that is sure to satisfy fans of the genre. The show's attention to detail, realistic portrayal of police work, and intriguing storylines make it one of the best crime dramas on TV. If you're in the mood for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Tatort: Cologne is definitely worth checking out.

Tatort: Cologne is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 1997.

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The Flowers of Evil (Episode 9 of 9)
9. The Flowers of Evil (Episode 9 of 9)
January 1, 2007
Max gets commended in the paper for excellent police work, and finds himself targeted by a maniac in response. Directed by Thomas Stiller, 2007.
Pechmarie (Episode 8 of 9)
8. Pechmarie (Episode 8 of 9)
March 19, 2006
A diamond heist turned deadly causes Ballauf and Schenk to protect the sister of one of the outlaws. Directed by Hendrik Handloegten, 2006.
Blood Diamonds (Episode 7 of 9)
7. Blood Diamonds (Episode 7 of 9)
March 17, 2006
A shooting at a political demonstration thrusts Freddy and Max into a web of international conspiracy and intrigue. Directed by Martin Eigler, 2006.
Frozen (Episode 6 of 9)
6. Frozen (Episode 6 of 9)
August 21, 2005
A beloved figure skating celebrity and competition judge is found dead on the ice. Directed by Züli Aladag, 2005.
Mine Games (Episode 5 of 9)
5. Mine Games (Episode 5 of 9)
May 8, 2005
One of the owners of a mine-removal nonprofit gets blown up during a jog, and his wife seems curiously unmoved. Directed by Torsetn C. Fischer, 2005.
Ghost Town (Episode 4 of 9)
4. Ghost Town (Episode 4 of 9)
February 13, 2005
The severed thumb of a fugitive cop killer comes to Max and Freddy in the mail, leading them to a deserted town. Directed by Niki Stein, 2005.
Betrayed and Sold (Episode 3 of 9)
3. Betrayed and Sold (Episode 3 of 9)
September 19, 2004
Freddy goes undercover as a janitor at an elite boarding school to investigate a series of murders. Directed by Hannes Stöhr, 2004.
Odin's Revenge (Episode 2 of 9)
2. Odin's Revenge (Episode 2 of 9)
July 11, 2004
The police suspect revenge by an immigrant family when a skinhead gets targeted by a sniper. Directed by Hannes Stöhr, 2004.
A Dog's Life (Episode 1 of 9)
1. A Dog's Life (Episode 1 of 9)
April 12, 2004
Freddy puts his grandmother in a nursing home and investigates a murder there in the same week. Directed by Manfred Stelzer, 2004.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 5, 1997