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  • 1970
  • 2 Seasons
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The Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis is an enthralling documentary miniseries spanning a total of thirteen episodes, produced and distributed by Questar Entertainment. Narrated by Patrick Allen, this eye-opening show enriches viewers with a comprehensive insight into one of the most vitriolic periods of human history: Nazi Germany and the chaos wreaked by its infamous leader, Adolf Hitler.

The series is testimony to intensive research and painstaking detail. Each episode delves into the period leading up to Hitler's rise to power, his atrocities, and the aftermath of his regime, piecing together the narrative of one of the most destructive and significant events of the 20th century. The show is also an insightful commentary on the political landscape of pre-World War II Europe, the rise of right-wing nationalism, and how Hitler's strategy helped him garner public support to curtail democracy and establish his dictatorship.

The first few episodes provide a brief overview of Hitler's youth, his associations, and the experiences that would shape his personality into an unwavering confidence in his abilities as a leader. Never-before-seen footage of the dictator's speeches is presented to the audience to interpret his disdain for democracy and his belief in the greatness of the Aryan race. The film explores how Hitler tried to resurrect Germany's glory, damaged due to the Treaty of Versailles, by increasing the country's military might and undermining the same international institutions that were integral to its resurrection.

As the series progresses, it gives ample attention to the lesser-known heroes of this period, such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who opposed Hitler's views on Christianity and the idea of the master race. The show touches upon the lives of iconic figures such as Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who played crucial roles in the fight against Nazi Germany. It also explores the different perspectives of Nazi generals and common people, who either collaborated with Hitler or plotted against him and ultimately failed.

The show delves deep into some of the darkest segments of history, including the concentration camps, the forced sterilizations of those considered of inferior race, the euthanasia of disabled individuals, and the Final Solution to exterminate Jews. The camera portrays the horrific reality of the concentration camps and the atrocities committed within the boundaries and how, after the war, the world came to be aware of these catastrophes. The show offers an incredibly thought-provoking insight into the lives of the survivors of these concentration camps and how they managed to rebuild their lives after the trauma that they went through.

The Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis captures the events leading up to the end of World War II, the Nazi occupation of territories, the defeat of Hitler and the emergence of the post-war world. The show presents documentaries and primary sources to give the audience a sense of the trauma that Europe faced during the war, the reign of terror under the oppressive rule of the Third Reich, and the depictions of hope that emerged from the courage and resilience of the men and women who fought against the oppressors.

In conclusion, The Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis from Questar Entertainment is an insightful, well-documented reflection of one of the most grotesque periods in history. The show takes a truly comprehensive approach to the rise of the Third Reich, unravelling the entire story while offering insights into the characters and events that shaped the Germans' psyche between the two World Wars. Every episode exudes considerable thoughtfulness and attention to detail, making the show a gripping narrative that adequately depicts the Nazi atrocities and the World War II period's chaos. The Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis is a must-watch for anyone who wants to engage in a sobering exploration of one of humanity's darkest moments.

The Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1970.

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The Occult Adolph Hitler
5. The Occult Adolph Hitler
October 5, 2017
Adolf Hitler was enamored with Germanic mythology and ancient legends and these were combined with cutting-edge theories of genetic science. With this new philosophy, Hitler established the Germans as the "Master Race".
The SS: Blood and Soil
4. The SS: Blood and Soil
October 5, 2017
Uncover the dark Waffen SS, a savage unit designed for lethal military work, whose hideous crimes top the list of WWII atrocities.
Himmler the Mystic
3. Himmler the Mystic
October 5, 2017
Hitler evolved an entirely new faith, complete with holy book, venerated relics and a priestly elite in the form of Himmler's SS. Hitler himself was viewed as the ultimate leader in Messianic terms.
The Enigma of the Swastika
2. The Enigma of the Swastika
October 5, 2017
The Nazis created a new belief system of arcane rituals and potent symbols such as the swastika.
Hitler's Secret Weapons
1. Hitler's Secret Weapons
October 5, 2017
Hitler asked his industrial quarter for armaments to reinforce his plan for a mighty new German Army. The finest planes, artillery and tanks and even submarines and battleships were churned out to blitz through most of Europe and the Atlantic. His designers never stopped working.
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    January 1, 1970
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