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  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.8  (714)

Vota Juan is a Mexican political comedy show starring Nuria Mencía as Juan Carrasco, a man with humble beginnings who becomes the unlikely choice for presidential candidate. The show was originally released on Pantaya in 2019, and it quickly gained a following for its humor and sharp commentary on Mexican politics.

The premise of the show is simple: Juan Carrasco is an average, middle-aged man who runs a small bicycle repair shop in Mexico City. He is happily married to his wife, Lety, and they have two children. Juan's life takes an unexpected turn when he is approached by a group of political operatives who want him to run for president. At first, Juan is hesitant, but he ultimately decides to throw his hat in the ring.

What follows is a hilarious and often absurd campaign as Juan tries to win over voters and navigate the complex world of Mexican politics. He is surrounded by a cast of colorful characters, including his campaign manager, Valentina; a slick political consultant, Ángel; and his rival for the presidency, the smooth-talking Miguel Ángel Toledo.

Throughout the show, Juan finds himself in a variety of ridiculous situations, from accidentally insulting a group of farmers to getting stuck in the mud during a campaign event. But despite his bumbling demeanor, Juan manages to connect with voters in a way that his polished opponents cannot. He speaks plainly and honestly, and his message resonates with the Mexican people.

At the heart of Vota Juan is a commentary on the state of Mexican politics. The show highlights the corruption and cynicism that are often present in political campaigns, but it does so in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The characters are well-drawn and likable, and the dialogue crackles with wit and humor.

Nuria Mencía gives a fantastic performance as Juan Carrasco. She is able to convey both the character's earnestness and his comedic incompetence, creating a protagonist that viewers can't help but root for. The supporting cast is also excellent, with standout performances from Ana Julia Yeyé as Valentina and Antonio de la Vega as Ángel.

Overall, Vota Juan is a must-watch for fans of political comedies. The show strikes a perfect balance between humor and social commentary, and it does so with a distinctly Mexican flair. It's a testament to the talent of the cast and crew that they are able to tackle such weighty subjects while still delivering a genuinely funny and entertaining show.

In conclusion, Vota Juan is a show that is both smart and irreverent. It's a rare gem that manages to be both politically astute and laugh-out-loud funny. If you're in the mood for a show that will make you think and make you laugh, then Vota Juan is the perfect choice. Highly recommended!

Vota Juan is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2019.

Vota Juan
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8. 2009
July 18, 2022
2009. Juan Carrasco is a councilor for festivities in Logroño, where he meets and connects with then-journalist Macarena before he ends up being elected by the party to run for mayor of the city.
7. Monday
July 18, 2021
After exhausting almost all options, Juan finds himself just hours away from prison. But when he obtains a document with a surprising set of code names affecting the entire party, he must work strategically before time runs out.
6. Sunday
July 18, 2022
Juan visits Caminero, the builder-slash-entrepreneur involved in the corruption plot, to record his confession as proof that the party’s leadership is to blame – but soon uncovers an even larger secret.
5. Saturday
July 18, 2021
After deciding to reveal the truth to avoid jail time, Juan recruits his former press secretary Macarena to help him implicate the rest of his political party in a live interview.
4. Patagonia
July 18, 2021
While seeking political asylum from the Argentinian embassy, Juan bonds with the ambassador – and gains much-needed clarity after a wild night of drugs and Navarran folk music.
3. Friday
July 18, 2021
With only three days to post bail to avoid serving time, a desperate Juan turns to his father-in-law for help.
2. Thursday
July 18, 2022
After the name “J. Carrasco” appears in several documents, a now indicted Juan is forced to return to Logroño and face Paula and Eva, his estranged wife and child.
1. Wednesday
July 18, 2021
After his stint in politics, Juan Carrasco takes on a high-powered executive role at a utility company – only to have a scandal from his past as Logroño’s mayor come to light.
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Vota Juan is available for streaming on the Pantaya website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Vota Juan on demand at Max and Apple TV Channels.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (714)