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| | 1 hr 27 min | Action, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

After a mysterious, extraterrestrial object crashes in the mining town of Salena, Arizona, the government dispatches a team of Marines to contain the possible threat. Meanwhile, a group of death row inmates ambush their prison bus and take the guards hostage. The criminals include Brando, from the Italian Mafia, Colburn, an African-American gangster, Alano, a hispanic gang member, and a Neo-Nazi skinhead named Albany. Arriving in the seemingly deserted town, they come across Special Ops Captain Bradley, the sole survivor of a horrible carnage that decimated the rest of his unit. With time running out, the group puts their differences and racial prejudices aside to combat the threat of the savage aliens hunting them in the mining tunnels below and the peril above from a squad of fighter planes sent to bomb the town to oblivion.

Sam McConkey, Avery Clyde, Dan Southworth, Tank Paulino Hemmer, James McBride
Dustin Rikert
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Alien Invasion Arizona