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Following the success and the grandeur of more recent Disney princess films, Frozen depicts the epic tale of two princesses finding themselves and each other, metaphorically and literally speaking.  The adventure takes place amidst a frozen Norwegian kingdom called Andrendell, which is ruled by the two princesses, Anna and Elsa, sisters, with magic abilities. When Elsa disappears after a rather extreme mishap with her powers, the kingdom falls under a terrible ice and snow storm and Anna must set off to find her sister before it is too late. 

Anna does not have to complete the dangerous journey alone, she brings along two daring sidekicks, a grisly mountain man, and Sven a trusty reindeer. Together they overcome obstacles of all shapes and sizes, including magical creatures, and the icy, blizzard ridden, winter engulfed lands to save her sister from her kingdom and her kingdom from the eternal storm. 

With an all star cast that includes Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel, Disney's Frozen utilizes its writers, famous cast, original songs, and new animations to provide children of all ages with a princess tale from a new and colder corner of the world.

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Which Disney Princess is the Richest?

If you've ever sat there and wondered which Disney princess you should marry in order to steal her inheritance, we may have an answer for you. Virgin Money used all their best guesstimates to determine which Disney princess had the biggest net worth, and E! Online summed it all up for us. So, who was the big winner? According to the highly scientific study, Princess Jasmine came in at #1 on the richest princess list, which isn't too surprising considering she's the daughter of a sultan.

Somebody Recut 'Frozen' As a Horror Movie and It's Pretty Great

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" has never sounded so creepy. YouTube user Bobby Burns has done the impossible (or at least the unlikely): He took clips from Disney's "Frozen" and edited them together to make it look like a horror movie. You'd be surprised at how much difference some filters and a change in soundtrack makes! The recut trailer has a very "Carrie"-like vibe to it, painting Elsa as an outcast who, rather than going off to live on her own so she doesn't endanger anyone, pretty much does the opposite and starts attacking people.

Ice Skates, Broadway and 'Once Upon a Time': Cashing in on 'Frozen'

There will be no escaping the Snow Queen from now on, as Disney unleashes an all-encompassing plan to use "Frozen" to conquer every conceivable entertainment venue. A new ice show featuring Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven is just the first step in the establishment of the "Frozen" empire.

Idina Menzel to Perform 'Frozen' Hit 'Let it Go' at This Year's Oscars

Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa in the Disney animated hit, has confirmed she will be performing the Oscar-nominated "Let it Go" live on March 2nd.

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