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| | 1 hr 45 min | Documentary, Music, Kids & Family

This combination concert film and documentary captures the teen sensation from his childhood to his first Madison Square Garden performance. Filmed in 2010, the movie shows Bieber in the 10 days leading up to his largest concert audience, from his time on the tour bus studying his homework, to his rehearsals with the dancers and musicians from the show. In spite of the glamour and celebrity of his daily life, Bieber seems to be a refreshingly normal kid who happens to be a superstar. Originally released in 3D, the film includes dazzling musical performances from Beiber and a slew of guest stars including Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith and Sean Kingston.

Interspersed with the show business side of his current life, the movie documents his background. His mother, Patricia, became pregnant at 17 and raised Justin with the help of her mother and stepfather. Childhood photos, early videos and interviews with family and friends illustrate his early musical ability and natural charm. After Patricia posts one of Bieber's talent contest performances on YouTube, talent agent Scooter Braun recognizes Bieber's unique potential and decides to represent him. An introduction to R&B star Usher leads to his recording his breakthrough album "My World" and entering pop culture history. His television interviews on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "Chelsea Lately" with Chelsea Handler are also included.

In spite of the worldwide fame and fortune, Bieber appears to be barely different than his boyhood friends from Canada, and maintains a sense of humor about his celebrated hair and persona. When he hurts his vocal cords by hanging out with his buddies, he looks like a typically sheepish teenager who has broken curfew. He sincerely regrets having to cancel a concert so that his voice will be back in shape for Madison Square performance. The big concert highlights include his duet of "Overboard" with Miley Cyrus and "Never Say Never" with Jaden Smith. The film also won the MTV Movie Award for "Most Jaw Dropping Moment" for his fiery song and dance moves.

Miley Cyrus, Sean Kingston, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Jaden Smith, Usher
Jon M. Chu, Jason Boritz
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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
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Justin Bieber Apologizes for Past Behavior: 'I'm Not What I Was Pretending to Be'

Hell has frozen over. Justin Bieber has apologized for his behavior. After an appearance on "Ellen," Bieber took to Facebook to post a video of himself apologizing for his behavior over the past few years. "I think I was nervous because I was afraid of what people are thinking about me right now," he says. "It's been a minute since I've been in a public appearance, and I didn't want to come off arrogant or conceited or basically how I've been acting the past year, year and a half.

Unretouched Justin Bieber Photos Reveal Calvin Klein Gave Him a Bigger...Everything

If you thought that Justin Bieber was looking extraordinarily buff in his Calvin Klein photos, you were absolutely right. The unretouched photos from Bieber's underwear-model photo shoot have leaked, and there's a significant difference between the Photoshopped pics and the originals,, downstairs. Pretty much all of Bieber's body was enhanced in the retouching process. His biceps, pecs and thigh muscles were all enlarged, as were his hands. If you thought he looked a bit like a hunchback, that's because they enlarged his back muscles, too.

Justin Bieber Responds to Photoshop Claims with Snarky, Shirtless Instagram Pic

Justin Bieber has one thing to say to haters: "lol." After some controversy surrounding the pop star's new Calvin Klein ad, which featured some pretty obvious Photoshopping of everything on Justin's body from his back muscles to his bulge, Bieber has finally responded to critics. "Photoshop lol," Bieber wrote on a shirtless pic of him wearing a towel that he posted to Instagram. We never tried to claim it was a particularly eloquent response. Indeed, Bieber looks a tad more muscular in the Instagram photo than he did in the alleged unretouched Calvin Klein photos, but he's still proportioned differently from the finished ad, which is so badly Photoshopped that the singer's hands look to be larger than his own head.

Justin Bieber in Hot Water After Racial Slurs, 'Jokes'

"Never Say Never" star and crooner Justin Bieber is in more hot water - this time, it's an incident from his past, not present, that's bringing  criticism toward the Biebs. On Wednesday, TMZ posted a video of Bieber, then 14, changing the words of his love song "One Less Lonely Girl" to some unfortunate new lyrics. Bieber sings that there will be one less "lonely n*****." He adds: "If I kill you, I'll be part of the KKK." Uh, yeah.

Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami on Multiple Charges

More trouble for the Bieber! The "Never Say Never" star and singer was arrested Thursday after officers spotted Bieber's rented yellow Lamborghini racing the Miami streets early in the morning. Bieber was pulled over for questioning and became resistant to the officer's instructions, refusing to get out of his car, and once out, refusing to keep his hands in sight. Beiber failed a field sobriety test, was driving without a valid Florida license, drag racing, and also resisted arrest - all now charges against the young and popular singer, whose bond was set at a standard $2,500 after he was booked into a Miami jail.

Christmas Day Box Office: Bilbo Wins Again, Bieber Bombs
Justin Bieber's Gaffe... He Said WHAT About Anne Frank?

Justin Bieber has gotten some negative backlash after he visited the Anne Frank museum over the weekend, while touring in Europe. Bieber stayed over an hour at the museum along with his group of friends and guards, as fans lingered outside  hoping to see the “Never Say Never” singer. However, it was what Bieber left behind that has some outraged. The museum noted on its Facebook page, "In our guestbook he wrote: 'Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl.

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