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In this psychological thriller, a troubled teenager named Charlotte hides a criminal inside her closet. She is agitated and confused about her mother and father's recent separation. At first Charlotte and the criminal have a great time together. They share life stories, create amusing rules for each other, and play around. Eventually, her new closet mate becomes bored with her and catches delight spying on her mother. He devises a plan of seduction with her lonely mother and it works. The immature and angry Charlotte brings her distant father into the mix where he only dodges the issue. Charlotte tells the man to leave or threatens to involve the police which leads to a violent outcome.

| | 1 hr 33 min | 5.0/10
Rachael Blake, Laura Greenwood, Ervin Nagy, Zoltan Ratoti, Debbie Javor
Vanguard Cinema
Daniel Young

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