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| | 1 hr 29 min | Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Comedy

Can you really get away with murder? Welcome to the world of Katrina (Emily Barclay), a 19-year-old single mum who's planning to do just that. Katrina lives in a world of petty crime, fast cars, manicures and blow-jobs. A master manipulator of men living at home with her father in suburban Golden Grove, Katrina will stop at nothing to get what she wants - even murder. When her father threatens to contact social services and take away her child, Katrina sets in motion a plan to wreak suburban mayhem that will leave a community in shock and Katrina infamous in a way even she never dreamed of.

Emily Barclay, Steve Bastoni, Lawrence Breuls, Michael Dorman, Anthony Hayes
Paul Goldman
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Suburban Mayhem
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