The Lena Baker Story

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Based on a true story this heartbreaking drama. It is the story of the first woman sentenced to the electric chair for murdering her boss. Starring Tichina Arnold as Lena Baker who lives with her family in a small town in Georgia. This movie is based in the 1900's during the civil rights. Lena was a devoted family woman, she was a mother of three children. She worked as a maid to provide for her family. Directed and written by Ralph Wilcox, this is the story of what happened to this strong individual. Beverly Todd plays as Lena's mother, who's only interest was to protect her child and grandchildren the best she could. Lena was executed March 5th 1945, for capital murder of Ernest Knight the man who hired Lena to work for him since he had recently became disabled. This movie is a reenactment of the events leading up to her death. This is a heartfelt biographical documentary.

Shortly after Ernest Knight hired Lena to help him out, things started getting violent. He started sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing her. Lena's mother begged him to leave her alone but he wouldn't. Lena had no escape, no way to overcome the block in the road. So she turned to her only option. This movie will have you to where you can't take your tearful eyes off the screen. Lena did everything she could to make Ernest happy, however nothing was good enough. He was a sick perverted man.

This movie allows us to hear her side of the story, to see what she went through, to help us understand why she did what she did. To understand the struggle of her everyday life, which is what made her a strong woman who came to terms with her fate.

| 2009 | | 5.7/10
Tichina Arnold, Beverly Todd, Peter Coyote, Michael Rooker
Ralph Wilcox
Produced By
Dennis Johnson, Ralph Wilcox
The Lena Baker Story
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Also starring Tichina Arnold