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The Amazing Spider Man is a 2012 action adventure film that follows the comic book superhero Spider man as he works to save mankind from an evil threat. The movie opens with Spider Man before he was Spider Man and he was just a young high school student named Peter Parker. Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield, is concerned over his parents' disappearance. He finds a mysterious briefcase that may solve the answer. The briefcase leads him to Oscorp which is run by Mr. Parker's former business partner. Peter discovers that his father and his father's former business partner where working on top secret experiments. They were trying to blend human and animal DNA. Peter ends up breaking into the lab at Oscorp and he is bit by a genetically engineered spider. The spider changes Peter Parker into Spider Man. He now has superhuman abilities including strength, speed, and the ability to fly through the air. Peter has also started dating his first girlfriend, Gwen, played by Emma Stone.

Peter's uncle is then killed by a robber and Peter decides to use his new powers to avenge his uncle. He dedicates his time to chase criminals throughout the streets of the city. Oscorp is now determined to test their new human-animal DNA serum on human subjects. There is a disagreement at the corporation and Mr. Parker's former business partner tries to stop it. Some of the serum is spilled on him and he turns into a lizard. There is a big fight on the Williamsburg Bridge and the police begin to chase everybody. Gwen, Peter's love interest, is a scientist and she works on an antidote to the serum. The Police Captain is killed in the ensuing battle and the evil scientist from Oscorp is stopped. Spider Man tells the Police Captain, who is Gwen's dad, that he will leave her alone in order to keep her safe but he decides he loves her and cannot stay away.

The Amazing Spider Man is a thrilling action and adventure film. It features many stunts particularly by Spider Man who can swing through the air with his web. The film is also a classic coming of age story in many ways as we see Peter Parker grow and learn about who he is.

| | 2 hr 16 min
Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen
Marc Webb
The Amazing Spider-Man
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Jamie Foxx in Talks For the Daddy Warbucks Role in 'Annie'
Jamie Foxx may have lined up his next big picture. Currently working on “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel, where he portrays electrically charged villain Electro, Foxx is now in talks to get on board the new “Annie” project. Produced by Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment, along with Jay-Z and his Marcy Media, the film was originally intended to put Willow Smith into the role of Annie. However, she outgrew the part, and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” star Quvenzhané Wallis took over.
First Look: Jamie Foxx as Electro!
“The Amazing Spider-Man” fans got their first peek at Jamie Foxx as Electro in the sequel this week, as he filmed in Times Square. The costume is eerie and creepy, with veins, shining blue skin, and light, definitely villainous eyes. It’s a big change from the original costume of Electro, who debuted in comics in 1964. Electro, the evil alias of Maxwell Dillon, is usually seen wearing a green-and-yellow costume. "It will be a different color,” Foxx had already said of his character’s get-up.
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Chris Cooper Cast in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Sequel!
Yet another big star has attached his name to the sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Oscar winner Chris Cooper will be appearing as Norman Osborn, the alter ego of the Green Gobling in Columbia Pictures’ 2014 release. In the original “Spider-Man” trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, the role was filled by Willem Dafoe, who had that creepy laugh down to a science. Norman Osborn serves as a mentor to Peter Parker before turning villainous. It is unclear whether or not the Green Goblin will be making an appearance in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” as Jamie Foxx is already cast in the character of bad guy Electro, and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino.
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Swings into Production
Columbia Pictures has released a press statement, outlining what to expect in the upcoming sequel of the Spider-Man reboot. “In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep.
Paul Giamatti To Wreak Havok In 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Sequel?
Will the sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man” be chock-full of villains? Already cast is “Django Unchained” star, Jamie Foxx, who will be playing the shockingly bad guy Electro. Now word is that respected “Rock of Ages” actor Paul Giamatti is throwing his hat in to get his bad guy on as The Rhino. The Rhino, who has been described as “famously one of Spider-Man’s dimmest villains,” debuted in the 1966 comic as hired muscle who volunteered in participate in an experiment.
Is Jamie Foxx the New 'Spider-Man' Villain?
Rumor has it the villain for the sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man” has been chosen, and Jamie Foxx seems to enjoy teasing fans about his involvement. Reports are flying that the Oscar winner will be stepping in as Spider-Man’s newest nemesis in the upcoming flick, set to start filming next year. Foxx took to his Twitter with a neither-confirming-nor-denying tweet that seems to be leaning more toward a “yes” than a “no.” “Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night.

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