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Derrick (Duane Martin), a down-but-not-quite-out law student struggling to pay the bills and get his homework in on time. In order to earn some much needed cash, Derrick takes a cushy evening job as a "seat filler", which requires him to attend awards shows around Hollywood sitting in vacant chairs so that when the cameras show the audience, it is always full of happy applauding people. It's not allowed for the seat fillers to converse with the actual celebrities in attendance, but one day, Derrick strikes up a conversation with a burgeoning pop star named Jhnelle (Kelly Rowland), an attractive and talented singer that is immediately drawn to him. She mistakes him for an industry big-shot, and the two soon begin dating, but despite her maintenance that she isn't above a relationship with an average Joe, Derrick is in too deep to back out of his assumed persona. Now that they have feelings for each other, Derrick tries to find some way to tell her who he really is in a way that she might accept, but an easy solution doesn't appear possible.

Cass Asher, DeRay Davis, Denise Dowse, Duane Martin, Kelly Rowland
Nick Castle Jr., Nick Castle
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The Seat Filler
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