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| | 15 min | Drama

The Watch is a gross-out, comedic sci-fi tale of four men, fed up with their mundane lives in the suburbs and longing for adventure. Excitement starts to bloom when Evan Trautwig, the main protagonist, hears about the murder of a security guard at a local department store. The same store, coincidentally, that Evan manages. When the police fail to turn up any leads show no interest in pursuing the case further, Evan decides to take matters into his own hands by forming a neighborhood watch group to bring the murderer to justice.

Knowing that it will require more work than he's able to handle himself, he enlists the help of Bob, a construction worker, Franklin, a high school dropout that aspires to be a police officer, and Jamarcus, who is just coming out of a failed marriage. Much to Evan's dismay, the men don't take the watch seriously, instead using it as an excuse to drink and joke around. However, things take a serious turn when the men go out for a routine patrol and end up hitting something with their vehicle, which turns out to be a highly-destructive alien weapon. After several other citizens in town are mysteriously killed, the watch group responds to one of the murders and encounters an alien being who insists that the town has already been infiltrated by more of the creatures posing as normal individuals.

Knowing that the salvation of their town lies in their hands alone, the men set out on a quest to rid their town of this deadly infestation and bring justice to those that have already lost their lives. As this ragtag group embarks on their quest for revenge, they fall prey to plenty of mishaps and misadventures.

Javier Morea, Ariel Nunez Di Croce, Nahuel Viale
Jim Donovan
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The Watch
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