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| | 1 hr 55 min | Drama, Horror, Art House & International, Mystery, Suspense

Txt is a Philippine film that attempts to conquer the old adage "till death do us part", Roman (Oyo Boy Sotto) dies in a car accident. In a restless and unforgiving state he continues to prove his affection for girlfriend Joyce (Angel Locsin) . He then decides to embark in an intrepid and malevolent journey in order to keep Joyce.
Joyce then began receiving hair raising text messages and even gets death photos of people close to her, including that of her current beau Alex (Dennis Trillo). She ignores these at first, but when the deaths happen under the exact circumstances at which they were predicted, she realizes she must fight the evil behind all these to protect her loved ones from this supernatural force.

Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillo, Oyo Boy Sotto, Julia Clarete, Dante Rivero
Mike Tuviera
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