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| | 1 hr 26 min | Mystery & Suspense, Horror

When an aged Creole woman is caught in a car wreck in a remote section of Louisiana, Ray (Rick Cramer), the owner of a nearby filling station, is at the scene of the accident to help. However, Ray doesn't know that the woman is a voodoo practitioner and that her vehicle holds a case full of magic talismans in the form of poisonous snakes (hence the title). The magical spirits lead Ray to an unexpected death, and then they take over his body, turning him into a bloodthirsty zombie-like monster. As the reanimated Ray makes his way into town, a group of teenagers led by Eden (Agnes Bruckner) find themselves running for their lives from the supernatural creature, while Deputy Turner (Method Man) looks for a way to keep the strange menace under control. One by one the teenagers are killed, the most inventive death at the hands of a sandblaster in a parking garage. Some teenagers venture to the old woman's house, in search of help from her granddaughter, CeCe. The house is a very large and very run-down plantation home. The "zombie" follows them there, but cannot enter because it had been blessed by CeCe's grandmother. The blessing is foiled when he hooks his tow truck up to one of the house's massive support piers, causing a small section to be yanked free and go flying across the yard, breaching the perimeter which must have somehow disturbed the barrier.

Rick Cramer, James Pickens Jr., Stacey Travis, Jonathan Jackson, Meagan Good
Jim Gillespie
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