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Zombie Women of Satan is a British comedic horror film from 2009. It sees a group of circus freaks, including a fire eater, a clown, a midget, and a strongman, who are touring with a goth group led by one Skye Brannigan. During one leg of the tour, the troupe appears on a program hosted by Tycho, which doubles as a sexual cult. After Tycho's dad winds up botching a ritual that converts every female cultist into a mindless, brain-craving zombie. The troupe must band together to thwart zombies, find Skye's missing sister, and overthrow Tycho's plot of supernatural conquest.

| | 1 hr 28 min
Victoria Hopkins, Warren Speed, Christian Steel, Seymour Leon Mace, Bill Fellows
Steve O'Brien, Warren Speed
Zombie Women of Satan
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