1313: Bigfoot Island

"A woman summonds the mythical beast to right the wrongs inflicted on her."
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Bigfoot Island is a dramatic movie set on fictional island of Maracayu (nicknamed Bigfoot Island). When six travelers wash ashore after sinking their boat accidentally on a deep-sea fishing trip, they begin to look for help. They mark messages in the sand, send up fires, and start fishing with makeshift supplies in order to survive the harsh island conditions. One thing they did not expect, however, was the presence of another animal on the island. When Scott, one of the group's members, notices large footprints, it becomes clear that they are not alone. What ensues is equally terrifying, intriguing, and thrilling.

| 2012 | 1 hr 15 min | 2.0/10
Kathryn Collins, Alex Fox, Adam Ballantyne, Steven Love
David DeCoteau
1313: Bigfoot Island
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