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"Possession is Back"
  • NR
  • 2012
  • 1 hr 59 min
  • 4.9  (2,221)

1920: Evil Returns is a 2012 Indian horror film directed by Bhushan Patel and produced by Vikram Bhatt. The film is a sequel to the 2008 movie 1920, and follows the same style of horror that we saw in the first film. The story of the film revolves around Jaidev Verma (played by Vicky Ahuja), a writer who is haunted by his past. He seeks solace in alcohol and starts to write horror stories as a way to vent his frustrations. One day, he meets a girl named Smruti (played by Tia Bajpai) who comes to him for help. Smruti is possessed by a ghost and Jaidev tries to help her get rid of the evil spirit.

As Jaidev delves deeper into Smruti's possession, he discovers that the ghost possesses her because it wants to take revenge on her murderer. The murderer is none other than Jaidev's own ex-girlfriend Lisa (played by Vidya Malvade), who died under mysterious circumstances. Jaidev realizes that the ghost has been after him all along and that it's only a matter of time before he becomes the next victim.

The film takes place in the beautiful hills of Shimla, and the cinematography captures the stunning landscapes beautifully. The music by Chirantan Bhatt adds to the mood of the movie and complements the horror elements perfectly.

The film boasts of some solid performances from the cast. Vicky Ahuja as Jaidev Verma is convincing as a tortured writer who has lost his way. Tia Bajpai as Smruti does a remarkable job of portraying a girl possessed and struggling to take control of her life. Tarakesh Chauhan as the exorcist is also noteworthy in his performance.

The film is not without its share of flaws, though. The pace of the movie is slow, and the first half feels dragged. The story also feels predictable at times, and the dialogues, while decent, could have been better.

One of the standout aspects of the movie is the horror elements that are used effectively. The director, Bhushan Patel, uses jump scares sparingly and focuses more on creating a spooky atmosphere. The scene where the ghost first possesses Smruti is particularly well done, and there are several moments in the movie that manage to send a chill down your spine.

Overall, 1920: Evil Returns is a decent horror movie that manages to create a spooky atmosphere and has some solid performances from the cast. While the story may feel predictable at times, the director makes up for it with his use of horror elements. If you're a fan of horror movies, then 1920: Evil Returns is worth a watch.

1920: Evil Returns
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