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  • 2009
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 2.2  (2,777)

"2012: Supernova" is a science-fiction disaster film released in 2009, which intermingles the themes of cosmic catastrophes and human resilience in the face of impending doom. Directed by Anthony Fankhauser and featuring a cast that includes Brian Krause, Heather McComb, Najarra Townsend, and Allura Lee, the film capitalizes on the widespread fascination with apocalyptic predictions associated with the year 2012.

The movie unfolds with the tension of a celestial time bomb ticking away. The audience is introduced to a far-flung star going supernova, a stellar explosion of immense energy and light. This catastrophic event in space has dire consequences for our planet Earth: the destructive shockwaves are heading towards us, threatening to wipe out all life as we know it.

Brian Krause stars as Kelvin, a dedicated scientist who becomes a central figure in the struggle to avert disaster. Krause's character is crafted to embody the archetypal lone hero – knowledgeable, determined, and willing to challenge skepticism and bureaucracy to protect his loved ones and humanity at large. Kelvin works for a government space agency where he leads a small team of experts, each with their skills and quirks, grappling to find a solution to the impending supernova threat.

Heather McComb plays Laura, Kelvin's wife, who anchors her husband's sense of purpose and urgency. As the narrative moves forward and the weight of the potential apocalypse grows, their relationship becomes increasingly strained, reflecting the personal stakes involved in Kelvin's mission. Laura's character is presented as strong and supportive, but not without her own set of fears and conflicts in the face of the looming celestial danger.

Najarra Townsend features as Tina, Kelvin and Laura's teenage daughter, who portrays the voice of the younger generation caught in the maelstrom of an uncertain future. Her role adds another layer of emotional complexity to the storyline, highlighting the familial ties that motivate Kelvin's relentless pursuit of a solution.

Allura Lee plays a supporting role as a member of Kelvin's team, showcasing the collaborative nature of the effort to confront the existential threat. Her character brings additional expertise and perspective to the group, emphasizing the theme of unity in adversity.

Set against this backdrop of scientific endeavor and personal drama, the film ramps up the pace as the team scrambles against both time and skepticism. Kelvin's commitment pushes him deeper into the race against time, as he confronts doubters and deals with internal and external obstacles in his quest.

The team employs cutting-edge technology and untested theories in their attempts to devise a plan that could shield the Earth from the deadly effects of the supernova. These include massive engineering feats, space missions, and innovative use of materials and energy sources that push the boundaries of contemporary scientific capabilities.

Within the narrative framework, the movie juggles between scenes of intense scientific debate, the hustle and bustle of mission control, intimate moments between the characters striving to maintain their relationships, and cinematic portrayals of the global panic that arises from the advancing celestial peril.

The depictions of worldwide reactions to the impending disaster serve to paint a picture of how different cultures and societies might respond to the knowledge of their potential annihilation, ranging from mass hysteria to quiet resignation or hopeful defiance.

"2012: Supernova" indulges in the spectacle of disaster scenarios where the audience is subjected to thrilling special effects sequences. These scenes depict widespread destruction and the awe-inspiring visuals associated with space phenomena, tailored to elicit gasps and grips from viewers.

Throughout the course of the film, moral and ethical questions are subtly probed. The story raises issues about the priorities and responsibilities of governments, the sacrifices individuals are willing to make for the greater good, and the resilience of the human spirit when faced with overwhelming challenges.

Stylistically, the movie mixes elements of the science fiction and action genres with the emotional weight of a family drama. It features a musical score and cinematography that aim to enhance the suspense and emotional investment in the characters’ plight.

While the film may not have the budget or polish of a major studio blockbuster, "2012: Supernova" endeavored to add to the pantheon of disaster movies with a focus on smaller, character-driven moments amidst the epic struggle for survival. The result is an earnest portrayal of humanity's fight against a threat of universal scale, one that combines the drama of an action-packed narrative with significant speculative contemplation.

In summary, "2012: Supernova" is a movie that dives into the human condition amidst an extraordinary extraterrestrial event, exploring themes of desperation, hope, and the lengths to which people will go when confronted with the ultimate test of survival.

2012: Supernova is a 2009 action movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. It has received poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 2.2.

2012: Supernova
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