A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol of 1971 is a made for television animated Christmas special that turned all of the beloved characters of the classic novel A Christmas Carol into lively cartoon characters. With the direction of Richard Williams this short film won an Academy Award in 1973. All of the apparitions that appear in the novel by Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol make an impressionable appearance in the animated version of this film as well. The Ghost of Christmas Past, voice of Diana Quick, makes an appearance to show Scrooge all of the events that have led him to where he is in life now. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, voice of Annie West, proceeds to show Mr. Scrooge the events in his life that are yet to happen if he refuses to change his ways. Marley's Ghost, Ebeneezer old work friend that has passed on, appears to show Scrooge exactly what a life of greed will do to someone in the after life. Then there is the Ghost of Christmas Present, which shows Scrooge his world of today and everything that he does has an effect on other people that he encounters. Ebeneezer Scrooge, whose voice is played by the talented Alastair Sim, may be a cartoon character in this adaption of A Christmas Carol, but he still is just as powerful as ever. This is until he encounters a night of visitors who happen to be ghostly figures that end up altering his world drastically. Melvyn Hayes is cast as the voice of Bob Cratchit, a mild man who works for the ever demanding Mr. Scrooge, and brings with him a tone that only Mr. Cratchit could possess. This short, made for television, animated film is narrated by Michael Redgrave, who can be heard, as well as seen in many movies and plays that date all the way back to 1938.

| 1971 | 25 min | 7.7/10
Richard Williams
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A Christmas Carol

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