A Short Stay in Switzerland

Based on the life of Dr. Ann Turner, the made-for-TV British movie "A Short Stay in Switzerland" explores the doctor's decision to commit suicide after finding out she suffered from Progressive Supranuclear Palsey, a neurological disease her husband had died of recently. Also a doctor, her husband died of the disease in 2002 at 72 years old. His wife found out about her condition after suffering from symptoms such as slurred speech. Turner went through the agency Dignitas, an agency out of Switzerland, for assisted suicide. The film shows the emotional side of assisted suicide through interactions with her children, who initially didn't agree with their mother's decision.

| 2009 | 1 hr 30 min | 7.6/10
Julie Walters, Stephen Campbell Moore, Lyndsey Marshal, Liz White
Simon Curtis
A Short Stay in Switzerland
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