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  • 2004
  • 8.6  (3,699)

Aa Naluguru is a Telugu drama film released in 2004 that explores the themes of societal norms, family dynamics, and the human condition. The film stars Rajendra Prasad, Aamani, and Raja and is directed by Chandra Siddhartha. The story revolves around a middle-aged man named Mahipati, played by Rajendra Prasad, who is a successful journalist and a respected human being in his society. However, Mahipati is a very orthodox and conservative individual who strongly believes in the traditions and rituals of society. He lives with his wife and children in a joint family set up and has strict rules about their behavior and actions.

One day, Mahipati receives an opportunity to go to the USA for a conference, and he decides to take his family along with him. During their stay in the USA, they come across different people and situations that challenge Mahipati's beliefs and notions about society. He realizes that there is more to life and relationships than just following the set norms and customs.

The movie beautifully portrays the cultural differences between India and the USA and how people from different countries perceive things differently. Mahipati's children, who are brought up in a strict and traditional Indian environment, are fascinated by the western culture, and Mahipati finds it difficult to come to terms with their newfound freedom and choices.

The film also explores the dynamics of a joint family set up and how it affects the individuality of its members. Mahipati's wife and children are often suppressed by his strict rules and regulations, and they long for some sense of individual freedom and expression. However, Mahipati's love and concern for his family are evident throughout the film, and despite their differences, they remain a close-knit family.

Apart from its strong social commentary, the film also features some fantastic performances by its lead actors. Rajendra Prasad delivers an incredible performance as Mahipati, portraying his character's transformation and growth with great nuance and subtlety. Aamani and Raja also give noteworthy performances as Mahipati's wife and son, respectively.

The film's music, composed by R.P. Patnaik, is another highlight of the movie. The songs are melodious and add to the emotional depth of the film.

Overall, Aa Naluguru is a thought-provoking film that challenges the audience to think beyond their societal norms and traditions. The film is an excellent commentary on the human condition and the power of individual choice and expression. It is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys socially relevant cinema.

Aa Naluguru
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    8.6  (3,699)