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  • 1991
  • 8.0  (354)

April 1st Vidudhala is a Telugu romantic comedy film, released in 1991. The film is directed by Vamsy and produced by K. Sarada Devi under the banner of Sri Sravanthi Movies. The film features Rajendra Prasad, Shobana and Krishna Bhagavan in the lead roles. The storyline of April 1st Vidudhala revolves around a young man named Srikanth, portrayed by Rajendra Prasad, who decides to leave his village and move to the city to pursue his dreams. Srikanth's ambition is to become a successful music director, and he believes that the city life will offer him ample opportunities to fulfil his aspirations.

However, Srikanth is unaware of the harsh realities of city life and the cut-throat competition that he is about to face. As he lands in the city, he is tricked by a group of fraudsters who trick him into investing in a non-existent business. Left penniless, Srikanth finds it hard to survive in the big city.

Things take a turn for the better when he meets a beautiful girl named Padma, portrayed by Shobana. Padma is a street performer and a dancer who earns her living by performing on the streets. Srikanth is immediately smitten by her and starts to spend time with her.

Padma sees something special in Srikanth and encourages him to pursue his dreams despite his failures. She believes in him and helps him get back on his feet. Soon, Srikanth starts to achieve success as a music director, and his confidence and self-esteem are restored.

Meanwhile, Krishna Bhagavan plays the role of Srikanth's friend, who is always ready with a hilarious joke to lighten up the mood. His comic timing and jokes add a touch of fun to the movie and make it an enjoyable watch.

As the story progresses, Padma and Srikanth's relationship also blossoms. They fall in love, and their love story becomes the central theme of the movie. The rest of the movie revolves around how Srikanth overcomes his obstacles to achieve success and how he and Padma overcome hurdles to be together.

The movie's music is the highlight, with music director Ilaiyaraaja showcasing his brilliance. The film features some of his memorable tracks, including 'Manisi Keki, Na Kotha Varasa, Ninaadala' and 'Neelakashamlo'. The songs are a treat for music lovers and perfectly complement the movie's narrative.

On the whole, April 1st Vidudhala is a beautifully crafted movie that offers a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and drama. The movie's captivating storyline, excellent performances, and melodious music make it a must-watch for cinema enthusiasts.

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