Aar Ya Paar

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This captivating motion picture tells a tale of love, betrayal, greed, and murder. The film portrays the story of Shekhar, an accountant who triples as a playboy, as well as an alcoholic. While on the job Shekhar's boss approaches him and tells him that a new, wealthy client has been lined up for him. Shekhar is pleased to find that it is a stunningly beautiful lady, and the two of them eventually marry. However, the marriage isn't sufficient to Shekhar, as he maintains an affair with his wife's secretary. What happens next is nothing short of pulse-pounding action that cries cheers of revenge.

1997 | | 6.2/10
Jackie Shroff, Deepa Sahi, Ritu Shivpuri, Kamal Sidhu
Ketan Mehta
Aar Ya Paar
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Also starring Deepa Sahi