Bhavni Bhavai

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Dhiraj is the ruler of an almighty empire in the beautiful countryside in India. He has spent his entire reign ruling with an iron fist, unafraid to punish those who refuse to acknowledge his requests. Despite his popularity within the kingdom, a group of conspirators are planning to have him killed. Upon finding out that his wife is pregnant with a baby boy, the astrologer of the kingdom says that he sees imminent death if this child is born. Reluctantly Dhiraj puts his baby in a box and throws it into the river. The box is soon found and his son is raised by a happy couple.

1980 | | 7.6/10
Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah, Mohan Gokhale, Om Puri
Ketan Mehta
Bhavni Bhavai
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Also starring Smita Patil