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Adopted, released in 2009, Produced by, written by and acted in by Pauly Shore with Cindy Inglesias as co star. This R rated film treats the recent phenomenon of celebrity adoptions of third world children. Adopted was filmed in south Africa in a pseudo documentary style. It is the story of playboy Pauly Shore`s adventures going to South Africa to try to adopt an orphan child. The movie contains humor which could be considered racist, risque and /or politically incorrect but can also be interpreted as part of the debate on both sides of the international adoption issue.

Pauly Shore gets himself into varying degrees of trouble by his outrageous behavior during his adoption quest. Pauly, not surprisingly, is distracted from his quest by wine, women, and situations. He tries to buy children from their parents, get a child from a school, and checks children out of an orphanage for day long excursions to determine compatibility.

Adopted is not a serious treatment of international adoption, it is a lighthearted and sometimes silly romp, light entertainment rather than drama. The movie is what one expects of Pauly Shore, a somewhat goofy movie, good entertainment for the evening, nothing too deep or serious.

| 2009 | 1 hr 20 min | 4.4/10
Louise Engelbrecht, Cindy Gold, Casper Kunzewkwguta, Tawaka Kunzewkwguta
Pauly Shore
Produced By
Sam Hendrikse, Ann Roberts, Pauly Shore

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