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The movie Virgin Territory is a romantic comedy that is based off of an Italian filmed called Decameron. The setting for this film is in Tuscany during the time of the Black Death. Ten young people leave the area to escape the plague and have some rowdy adventures. The movies was called Decameron Pie in Italy using inspiration from the film American Pie. It was also released in France under the name Midieval Pie. The film starts up and coming actors Hayden Christensen and Mischa Barton. There are also young Italian actors that are on the cast list for this film.

Pampinea and the other members go to a villa to attend her wedding. She escape this and goes to a convent in order to keep her chastity. When there she falls in love with Lorenzo. They kiss while blindfold and while he enjoys the kiss he does not know who kissed up. She ends up going back and getting married to another man. His name is Gerbino. She is tricked into believing that it is the wish of her father to marry him. During the ceremony it is interrupted by Count Dzerzhinsky because he wants to marry Pampinea. He is too late and she is already married. The Count thinks that Pampinea is anther women by the name of Elissa and fights her new husband.

While all of this is going on Lorenzo makes it to the wedding and wants to fight Gerbino as well. The two men are sword fighting when something bad happens. Gerbino falls into a well and is killed. The people at the wedding are not saddened however. As it turns out it was a fake priests that married the couple so Pampinea and Gerbino did not really get married. Lorenzo finds out that Pampinea is the girl that kissed him while he was wearing the blind fold and the two of the get together and end up living happily. Things end up well for the Count too. He finds the girl named Elissa and the two of them end up living happily ever after. This movie had a happy ending for most of the characters.

| 2007 | 1 hr 33 min | 4.8/10
Ryan Cartwright, Christopher Egan, Craig Parkinson, Hayden Christensen
David Leland

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