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  • 1975
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 5.5  (416)

Africa Express is a 1975 Italian film that features a cast of notable actors such as Giuliano Gemma, Ursula Andress, and Jack Palance. The movie is a western action film set in Africa, where Gemma plays the role of John Baxter, an adventurer and soldier of fortune. The film opens with Baxter traveling through the vast expanse of the African savannah on horseback accompanied by a group of African mercenaries who were hired by an Arab money lender, El Kadir (played by Palance) to retrieve a large sum of stolen money. Along the way, Baxter eventually mingles with a group of Italian tourists and is intrigued by Ursula Andress’ character, Madeleine Cooper, who is a fashion designer.

As the group moves deeper into the desert, they encounter various obstacles, including brutal attacks by Arab bandits, treacherous terrains, and torrential rains. However, in the face of these challenges, Baxter proves his worth time and again as a leader and a man with nerves of steel. The group is also forced to endure the wrath of an army of rebels, led by the fierce Hassan (Adolfo Celi), who seems determined to kill everyone in the group.

The intricate plot of the film is driven by the desire of El Kadir to recover his stolen fortune, and Baxter's determination to ensure the safety of the people he is traveling with. As the story unfolds, several twists and turns occur, including a surprising revelation about the true identity of El Kadir.

One of the most striking aspects of the film is the stunning backdrop of Africa, which serves as the ideal setting for the film’s high-stakes and action-packed scenes. The African terrain is a key aspect of the film, and the vast expanses of the desert, the majestic savannahs, and the fierce storms all add to the movie's ambiance.

The film's cast is also notable for their exceptional acting, and they bring a unique blend of humor, tension, and drama to the film that keeps the audience engaged. Ursula Andress provides a touch of glamour to the movie, while Jack Palance's portrayal of El Kadir presents a formidable antagonist that is both manipulative and brutal. Giuliano Gemma, in turn, delivers an excellent performance as the rugged and fearless adventurer, and his character's evolution throughout the movie is one of the highlights of the film.

Overall, Africa Express is a classic action adventure movie that skillfully combines adventure, drama, and humor in a unique and entertaining way. It is a film that stands the test of time and will be enjoyed by audiences for many years to come.

Africa Express
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    5.5  (416)