Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend

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  • 2007
  • 53 min

The movie Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend is a biographical crime film that chronicles the life and times of the notorious American gangster Al Capone, played by Robert De Niro. The film is set in the early 1900s and explores Capone's rise to power in Chicago's criminal underworld during the Prohibition era. The story of the film follows Capone from his humble beginnings as a young street thug in Brooklyn to his eventual takeover of the Chicago Outfit, one of the most powerful crime syndicates in America. Along the way, we see Capone's relationships with his fellow gangsters, his family, and the law enforcement officials who were determined to bring him down.

At the start of the film, we see Capone as a low-level enforcer for the notorious gangster Johnny Torrio, played by Joe Pesci. Torrio recognizes Capone's potential and brings him into the fold, teaching him the ways of the criminal underworld and grooming him to take over the reins once he retires.

As Capone rises through the ranks, we witness his brutal tactics and ruthless nature as he eliminates his rivals and consolidates his power. However, his success attracts unwanted attention from the authorities, in particular, the legendary G-man Eliot Ness, played by Kevin Costner.

Ness, who is leading a group of "untouchable" agents tasked with taking down Capone's empire, becomes obsessed with bringing the gangster to justice. As the two men engage in a bitter game of cat and mouse, the violence and carnage escalate, resulting in a showdown that will determine the fate of both men.

The film is a gripping portrayal of the life of one of America's most notorious criminals. It doesn't shy away from the violence and brutality that characterized Capone's reign, but it also explores the human side of the gangster. We see his relationships with his wife, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, and his brother, played by Ray Liotta, which add depth and complexity to his character.

De Niro's performance as Capone is masterful, bringing the gangster to life with nuance and subtlety. He captures both Capone's ruthlessness and his vulnerability, making him a compelling and complex figure. Pesci is equally impressive as Torrio, bringing a quiet menace to his role as the mentor figure who ultimately becomes another victim of Capone's ambition.

Costner is also excellent as Ness, capturing the determination and idealism of the legendary lawman. His portrayal of Ness is a perfect foil for De Niro's Capone, showing the two men as two sides of the same coin, both driven by a sense of duty and a desire to do what they believe is right.

Overall, Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend is an engrossing and entertaining film that brings the story of one of America's most notorious criminals to life. It's a thrilling ride from start to finish, with top-notch performances and a compelling storyline that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Whether you're a fan of gangster movies, biopics, or just great storytelling, this film is definitely worth watching.

Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend is a 2007 biography movie with a runtime of 53 minutes.

Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend
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