Al Final del Tunel [At the End of the Tunnel]

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  • NR
  • 2016
  • 2 hr
  • 7.0  (15,569)

At the End of the Tunnel, a 2016 thriller from Argentina directed by Rodrigo Grande, tells the story of Joaquín (Leonardo Sbaraglia), a paraplegic computer engineer who lives alone in a big house in a suburban area of Buenos Aires. He spends his days working on his computer and chilling in front of his TV, mostly feeling lonely and miserable. However, his life changes drastically when a mysterious woman, Berta (Clara Lago), and her little daughter move into the apartment next door.

Joaquín is initially hesitant to get to know his new neighbors, but he quickly becomes fascinated by the woman's movements and suspicious activities, like bringing multiple suitcases into her apartment in the middle of the night. One day, he connects a security camera to a small tunnel leading to the bank next door, and he discovers their real intentions. To his surprise, Berta and her associates are planning to rob the bank by digging a tunnel from their bathroom right into the vault.

Joaquín sees an opportunity to help Berta and steal some of the money for himself, so he uses his technical skills to devise a plan to thwart the robbers and keep some of the loot. The rest of the movie follows the intricate plan as things quickly escalate, and tensions rise while the group tries to retrieve the stolen money and escape from the tunnel.

The acting in At the End of the Tunnel is top-notch, with Sbaraglia delivering a convincing performance as the lonely, intelligent, albeit selfish protagonist. Pablo Echarri, who plays the role of the leading robber, is also excellent, portraying the menacing, violent and tormented villain perfectly.

The cinematography and editing in the movie are exquisite, delivering a sense of tension and claustrophobia while portraying the heist in a very realistic way. The soundtrack, composed by Lucio Godoy, complements the film's dramatic moments without being intrusive, adding to the building suspense of the movie.

The script of At the End of the Tunnel is well-written and smartly plotted, with believable characters that are well fleshed out by the actors. Although the premise of Joaquín's plan may seem far-fetched, it is handled logically by the director, and the way the characters make it work seem credible.

What makes At the End of the Tunnel stand out from other heist movies is its human touch. It's not just about the theft, but also about the personal relationships among the characters. Their motivations, desires, and fears are explored, making the audience care about them and their outcomes.

In conclusion, At the End of the Tunnel is a great heist thriller that blends elements of the genre with human drama. It's tense, smart, and enjoyable to watch, featuring top-tier acting, beautiful cinematography, and a gripping story. Highly recommended for fans of classic heist movies and those who enjoy stories with complex characters and intricate plots.

Al Final del Tunel [At the End of the Tunnel]
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    2 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (15,569)