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  • TV-MA
  • 2016
  • 1 hr
  • 7.5  (7,712)

Ali Wong's comedy special "Baby Cobra" released in 2016 is a hilarious and refreshing stand-up performance that stands out for its unapologetic honesty and its frankness about the taboo topics it touches upon. The special, filmed while the comedian was seven and a half months pregnant, is full of relatable and intelligent humor that especially resonates with millennial moms trying to balance the demands of motherhood and career.

Ali Wong, a San Francisco-born comedian, made her name in the stand-up comedy scene in New York City before landing her big break as a writer for the hit show "Fresh Off the Boat." Her passion for comedy and writing lead her to this captivating show that Netflix fans will fall in love with. The show, which is currently streaming on Netflix, not only showcases Wong's comedic talent but also acts as a commentary on issues like feminism, race, and gender issues.

The hour-long special was filmed live at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, and Wong commanded he audience from start to finish with her captivating presence, her well-timed jokes, her raw honesty, and her excellent storytelling ability. She brings a new perspective to various topics: from sex to motherhood, from misogyny to consumerism, from marriage to being Asian American. While the show might not be for everyone, fans of Ali Wong's have already added this special to their list of favorites because of her honest and direct stage presence.

The show begins with Ali Wong bluntly introducing herself and her pregnancy. She immediately starts talking about her sex life with her husband, particularly mentioning how she craves sex while pregnant. This topic alone quickly establishes Wong's willingness to break the taboo and reveal all about pregnancy, motherhood, and sex in a witty and relatable way. She continues to deliver raunchy jokes about sexual desires, fantasies, and even masturbation, all while keeping the jokes humorous, fast-paced, and entertaining.

Wong dives into the truth of being pregnant and jokes about everything from the morning sickness, anxiety about the baby, and the different classes pregnant women attend. She then smoothly transitions the topic to the struggles of being married to someone who isn't Asian, addressing numerous issues like cultural differences and family preferences.

She uses her own life experiences, from having a gynecologist, who is a white male to dressing up her daughter to look like a stereotypical Asian girl so that strangers would stop asking if she was adopted, to illustrate the ideas, she is talking about. She does it all with her infectious humor and her spot-on delivery, keeping all the while the audience engaged and entertained.

The second half of the special dives into her feminism and Asian-American identity. She provides an unexpected perspective on how the issues that plague various minority groups quite similar. She thinks that patriarchal society and the American entertainment industry tend to treat Asian women as one-dimensional, fetishized objects of desire or asexual nerd stereotypes. Ali Wong has shown that she has no qualms about speaking truth to power, and her comments are backed up by razor-sharp insights and clever witticisms.

Overall, Ali Wong's "Baby Cobra" is a must-watch Netflix special that made a significant impact when it first premiered, and will undoubtedly continue to captivate audiences years later. She manages to balance genuinely hilarious observations about everyday life in her relatable, accessible style while weaving in deeper, more intricate social commentary. Wong's unapologetic truth-telling and her authenticity pave the way for an exciting, refreshing style of comedic storytelling that re-imagines the boundaries of comedy. It's not only a triumph of a skilled comic performer but also an inspiring celebration of the diversity, strength, and humor that makes us human.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
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