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  • 1923
  • 12 min
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Alice's Wonderland, released in 1923, is a silent black and white film directed by Walt Disney and Hugh Harman, with Virginia Davis playing the titular role of Alice. The movie is based on Lewis Carroll's classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, now regarded as one of the most popular children's books of all time. In the film, Alice is a young girl who falls asleep dreaming about a magical land filled with strange and wonderful creatures.

From the very beginning, the movie transports the viewer to this enchanted world, which is presented as if it is a real, tangible place that exists beyond Alice's imagination. The bright, detailed sets and costumes help to create a vivid and immersive atmosphere, and the film's use of stop-motion animation to bring some of the creatures to life is truly remarkable for its time.

Throughout the film, Alice has a series of surreal encounters with a variety of eccentric characters, including the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter. Each of these characters has their own unique personality and quirks, and they all contribute to the overall sense of wonder and delight that permeates the movie.

One of the film's standout scenes involves Alice's encounter with a group of mischievous, anthropomorphic playing cards, who engage in a raucous game of croquet using flamingos as mallets and hedgehogs as balls. This sequence is a testament to Disney and Harman's skill as animators, as they manage to create a sense of whimsy and chaos that perfectly captures the spirit of Carroll's original book.

Another standout moment is when Alice attends a surreal tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, in which time seems to have lost all meaning and logic has been replaced by absurdity. This scene is both funny and unsettling, as the Hatter and the Hare seem to be trapped in a perpetual state of madness and confusion.

Throughout the movie, Virginia Davis delivers a charming and endearing performance as Alice, capturing both the innocence and curiosity of the character. Despite being a silent film, Davis manages to convey a wide range of emotions through her expressive face and gestures, and her chemistry with the various animated characters is impressive.

Walt Disney himself appears in a small role as the mischievous and animated Mickey Mouse, who makes a brief cameo in the film's closing moments. While Disney's role was minor, his involvement in the film is significant, as Alice's Wonderland was one of the first films produced by the company that would eventually become the Walt Disney Studios.

Overall, Alice's Wonderland is a delightful and imaginative film that captures the whimsy and magic of Lewis Carroll's classic tale. The combination of live-action and animated sequences creates a unique and immersive world that is sure to enchant viewers of all ages. Despite being almost 100 years old, the film holds up remarkably well and remains a testament to Walt Disney's visionary talent as a filmmaker.

Alice's Wonderland
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