Alien Invasion Arizona

After a strange, unidentified flying object crashes into the small mining town of Salina, Arizona, the government sends out a team of Marines to deal with the potential threat. Meanwhile, a group of death row inmates surprise-attack their prison bus and take the guards captive. The criminals include Colburn, an African-American gangster, Brando, from the Italian Mob, Alano, a Hispanic gang member, and a white supremacist named Albany. When the criminals arrive in the desolate town, cross paths with Special-Ops Captain Bradley, the only survivor of a terrific accident that killed the rest of his unit. Having little time, the group lets go of their indifference and racial prejudices to fight against the fearsome aliens hunting them down in the mines, and the danger outside the mines from a squadron of fighter jets sent to bomb the town and destroy the aliens.

| 2005 | 1 hr 27 min | 2.7/10
Dan Southworth, Avery Clyde, Sam McConkey, James Luca McBride
Dustin Rikert
Produced By
Dustin Rikert, Soon Hee Newbold, Philip Tiboni
Alien Invasion Arizona
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