Alive: 20 Years Later

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This is a documentary based on the events surrounding the crash in the Andes Mountains that occurred in 1972. This film was based on the survivors of this crash and what they endured in order to stay alive. There are interviews with some of the survivors from this tragic plane crash. This documentary details decisions that they needed to make in order to get by. Some of these decisions involved, making the choice of eating some of the dead victims of the crash after their initial food supply ran out.

Even though many may not agree with what they had to do to stay alive, they had to do what was necessary in order to stay alive.

1993 | 51 min | 7.4/10
Martin Sheen, Laura Canessa, Roberto Canessa, Sergio Catalan
Jill Fullerton-Smith
English, Spanish
Alive: 20 Years Later
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