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"A Journey of Many Dimensions"
  • 2007
  • 34 min
  • 6.8  (865)

Flatland: The Movie is a 2007 animated film that takes place in a two-dimensional world called Flatland. This world is inhabited by geometric shapes, where the social hierarchy is determined by the number of sides a shape has. For example, a triangle is at the top of the hierarchy, while a lower being has only one side and is just called a point.

The story follows a square named A. Square, voiced by Martin Sheen, who lives with his family in a world where any thought of a dimension other than theirs is forbidden. However, A. Square is visited by a three-dimensional being known as Sphere, voiced by Michael York, who reveals to him a world beyond his own limited perspective. In this world, shapes can move through the third dimension and comprehend new and different aspects of reality.

Sphere takes A. Square on a journey into the third dimension, introducing him to worlds that he never thought were possible. Through his experiences, A. Square learns about the concept of dimensions and the limitations of his own perspective. The journey challenges his worldview and leads him to question the rigid social structure that has been unquestioned.

As A. Square gains knowledge and new perspectives, he becomes an outcast in his own society. However, he finds support in his wife, Hex, voiced by Kristen Bell, who is also eager to learn more about their world. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and fight for the right to think beyond their two-dimensional universe.

Flatland: The Movie is based on the 1884 novella by Edwin Abbott Abbott and explores complex ideas about dimensions and societal inhibitions. The film utilizes a unique approach to animation by blending 2D and computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create a visual representation of the world of Flatland.

The voice cast includes Martin Sheen, best known for his roles in Apocalypse Now and The West Wing, who delivers a commanding performance as A. Square. Kristen Bell, known for her work in Frozen and Veronica Mars, brings a depth of emotion to the character of Hex. Michael York, with credits like Austin Powers and Logan's Run, is an excellent voice actor as the otherworldly Sphere.

The movie has received critical acclaim for its ability to explore complex philosophical concepts in an accessible way. It also highlights the importance of critical thinking, the challenges of challenging societal norms, and the human desire for knowledge and self-discovery. The movie's themes of individualism in a society focused on conformity and obedience continue to resonate with audiences today.

The soundtrack, composed by Mark Slater, is a perfect fit for the movie, with a futuristic and surreal quality that complements the movie's visuals perfectly. The animation style blends 2D traditional animation with modern CGI, creating a unique look that captures the vivid imagination of the story.

Overall, Flatland: The Movie is a thought-provoking animated film that encourages viewers to think beyond their own limited horizons. It challenges the audience to question their boundaries and inspires them to embrace new ideas and perspectives. The film is a perfect example of how animation can be used to explore deep and complex ideas while remaining accessible to a broad audience. It is a must-see film for anyone interested in philosophy, animation, and the human experience.

Flatland: The Movie
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    6.8  (865)