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American Ninja is an action film based on a man that has no idea who he is, but he possesses ninja skills. His journey is to find who he is and what happened to him. Joe Armstrong(Michael Dudikoff) gets into trouble and has two choices go to prison or join the Army. He chooses the Army. While on a base, he fights off ninjas and saves the colonel's daughter, Patricia(Judie Aronson). In the process, gets everyone else killed. He is the low man on the totem pole now. Respect is lost and now he will do anything to get back that respect. He fights another soldier and wins. This gains some respect back from Jackson(Steve James). Joe finally tells Jackson that he cannot remember anything, but his ninjutsu skills that helps him survive.

Jackson decides to team up with Joe and help him get to his date with the colonel's daughter when they are caught by Master Sergeant Rinaldo(John LaMotta) who is having a secret meeting with a man named Ortega(Don Stewart). Rinaldo takes Joe with the intent of having him killed in a warehouse by other ninjas. Joe quickly over powers the ninjas and sees what Ortega and Rinaldo is really up to.

Their operation is training ninjas and selling weapons to whoever pays the highest. Joe is almost caught by Ortega's right hand man, Shinyuki(John Fujioka),but allows him to escape. False charges are brought against Joe by Rinaldo and the MPs arrest him. Joe escapes after ninjas are unsuccessful in killing him. Ortega has Patricia kidnapped. Joe goes after her with Rinaldo in hot pursuit after him. Rinaldo is killed when he hits a tree.

Joe gets to where Patricia is being held and comes face to face with Shinyuki who tells him that he raised Joe until a bomb blast separated them until now. Shinyuki is killed and Ortega gets Patricia in the helicopter, but Joe shoots it down and Patricia is rescued.

| 1985 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.5/10 | 20/100
Michael Dudikoff, Steve James, Judie Aronson, Guich Koock
Sam Firstenberg
Produced By
Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan

Also starring Steve James

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