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Warriors, no matter the culture, have the same values. In the 1800's, Asia still had clan battles happening. Yang became the best swordsman and was a member of one of the most powerful assassin clans. This was his personal goal. Yang, as a Sad Flute, had wiped away a rival clan by himself. He could not bring himself to kill the last member, though, as it was a baby girl. Though it makes him a traitor, he takes the baby and escapes to America. This causes the leader of the Sad Flutes, Saddest Flute, to assemble his assassins and hunt down his protégé. Yang's one hope is to find an old friend, also a rogue from the clans, to hide with.

This movie was directed by Sngmoo Lee, a South Korean who was directing his first English language film. He also wrote the script with the help of Scott Reynolds. Rogue Pictures did the production and the distribution was done by Relativity Media.

Yang, played by Dong-gun Jang, goes to the city of Lode to look for his friend. He arrives to the dusty town, only to find his friend has been dead for three years. He meets a group of carnies trying to build the town into a permanent amusement park. Eight Ball, played by Tony Cox, takes Yang to Smiley's shop. Smiley was the name that the town knew him by. While there, he is attacked by Lynne, played by Kate Bosworth, to see if he is the warrior that Smiley had told her about.

As Yang comes to enjoy staying at Lode, he names the baby April and comes out of his shell with Lynne. He gets to know the carnies, especially a drunkard Ronald, played by Geoffrey Rush. Soon the village is surrounded by two forces, one that wants to just destroy, the other that wants Yang. Yang has to make decisions to fight or flee.

| 2010 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.3/10 | 45/100
Dong-Gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston
Sngmoo Lee
Produced By
Barrie M. Osborne, Lee Joo-Ick, Michael Peyser

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