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"Fight evil... With evil."

Solomon Kane is a film that falls into the genre of action. This epic film was written as well as directed by the infamous Michael J. Bassett and it was produced by Paul Berrow, Samuel Hadida, and Kevan Van Thompson. This film stars many outstanding actors and actresses like Rachel Hurd Wood and Max Von Sydow. Solomon Kane begins during the 1600's in the area of North Africa. Solomon kane is a mercenary who is leading a ship full of his crew members into a battle with the Ottomon occupiers, in a fortress town. Solomon and his crew win this battle against the Ottoman and go into the fortress. Upon entering the fortress they discover a room that has many enchanted mirrors that hold demons inside of them. These demons attack and kill almost all of solomons crew, but Solomon makes it to the room that holds all of the fortress treasure. While there he runs into the devils reaper.

The devils reaper tells Solomon that because of all of his bad doings that he has fanned his own soul, and that he will be sent to hell. Solomon who is not ready to be sent to hell, fights the devils reaper and then escapes through a window and lands into the waters of the sea. After this encounter with the devils reaper, Solomon finds himself back in England living in a monastery, but is soon on his way to Devon where his ancestral estates are, due to the Abbott's dreams.

On his way to Devon however, he gets attacked by ruthless robbers where he ultimately gets knocked out, due to his refusal to fight because he has chosen to live a life of peace. Luckily, a family of puritan travelers, traveling to the new world, by the name of the crawthorns find him. After the crawthorns address his wounds, solomon decides to travel with them. Unfortunately, while they are traveling they are also attacked by the sorcerer Malachis devoted followers.

The followers murder the family, all except the mother and the daughter, whom which they kidnap. The father of the group tells Solomon right before he passes away that if he saves his wife and child his souls will be saved and he will not be condemned to hell. This sets solomon back into the life of violence in order to defeat the sorcerer and his followers, save the women, as well as his soul.

| 2012 | 1 hr 4 min | 6.1/10 | 48/100
James Purefoy, Mark O'Neal, Robert Orr, Richard Ryan
Davis Films
Michael J. Bassett
Produced By
Paul Berrow, Samuel Hadida, Kevan Van Thompson

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