The Tuxedo

"Suit up for action!"

The Tuxedo is an action comedy movie made released on September 27, 2002 starring Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. It's premise involves a taxi driver, Jimmy Tong, played by Jackie Chan; who becomes involved in a terrorist attack on the United States water supply. He uses a unique gadget based tuxedo to enhance his fighting skills, physical endurance, and acrobatic skills. With this tuxedo he attempts to stop the terrorist attack.

The movie was directed by Kevin Donovan and distributed by Dreamworks. It grossed $50,547,998 on a domestic scale and $53,843,625 on a foreign scale, equaling $104,391,623 in worldwide lifetime gross. Despite the movie's generally positive release in theaters, it has received very poor reviews since it has come out. IMDb has rated it a 5.2 out of 10, Metacritic a 30 out of 100, and Rotten Tomatoes a 22 out of 100.

| 2002 | 1 hr 38 min | 5.3/10
Keith Donovan, Kevin Donovan
The Tuxedo

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