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"He's a good cop. In a bad mood."
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Marked for Death is an action film starring Steven Segal as John Hatcher. The film opens with John discovering his neighborhood has been overrun by Jamaican drug dealers. The leader of the group is a ruthless, drug lord named Screwface. John is currently retired as the result of his friend’s death. However, he is hanging out with another friend at a local bar when a fight ensues between Jamaican thugs. John arrests one of the thugs. Other members of the gang take revenge on John’s family. They shoot his daughter, leaving her in critical condition.

John decides to exact revenge on the Jamaicans, interrogates several people but is unable to get the information he needs. He meets with a police officer who is a Jamaican voodoo expert. He receives information regarding Jamaican symbols and continues his search for the posse and the leader, Screwface. As time goes on John and his partner become involved in a car chase with Jamaican thugs. The vehicles eventually crash. John and his partner kill the Jamaicans and continue their efforts to stop Screwface. John picks up an additional officer and the trio head to Jamaica. They meet a local woman who gives them information and a riddle regarding Screwface’s power. Little does John and his partners know Screwface is a twin. They head toward Screwface’s compound. They gain access to the grounds, and “all hell breaks loose.” John systematically disposes of Screwface’s goons as they attempt to stop him. Blazing guns and flying fists leave a trail of death and bloodshed in the search for Screwface. John eventually locates Screwface on the grounds and they begin to fight. Screwface has little chance and is quickly decapitated by John.

John and his crew go back to the states with the head of Screwface. The crew meets with the local Jamaicans to show them the head of Screwface. The goons are shocked. During the meeting, the twin of Screwface surprisingly stabs one of the officers in the back, killing him. Guns blaze and fists fly. John kills the twin in a most gruesome fashion and eradicates Chicago of remaining goons.

| 1990 | 1 hr 33 min | 6.0/10 | 49/100
Steven Seagal, Basil Wallace, Keith David, Tom Wright
Dwight H. Little
Produced By
Michael Grais, Mark Victor

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